Disclaimer: You know I would never have even consider anything like Gundam Wing in my little mind...so that right there should tell you I don't own them. But who ever said I couldn't wish!

Title: 5:49
Pairings: 2xH
Warnings: Sap
Author: Sarah


Duo stares patiently out his apartment window, waiting.  The sun just barely rising in the east, lights up the morning sky.  Every morning, for the past few months, Duo has waited up all night just to get a glimpse of her.  A beauty he has never seen anywhere else before.  She works in the little diner across from his apartment.  Since she only works in the hours for the morning rush, she is usually not there when Duo normally wakes.  So he waits up to see her just before going to bed.

A lone figure emerges from a distance and heads Duo's way.  He glances at the clock on the table beside him.  5:49 a.m. it reads.

"Hilde's right on time."

She walks up to the entrance of the diner and unlocks the door.  Before heading in, she turns and smiles at Duo.  He smiles back.  She heads in to being her day.  He turns and heads to bed.

"One of these days I will actually go in there and introduce myself to her."  Duo says to himself before drifting off into dreamland.