Author Notes:

Part of the gods of Egypt:

Amun-Ra = king of the gods = sun god

Osiris = god of the dead, afterlife, protector of Pharaoh ( Can you guess who this will be? Duh!)

Isis = wife of Osiris, divine mourner, goddess of magic and household matters, protected pharaoh also

Horus = falcon god, son of Isis and Osiris, considered to be the first pharaoh, every pharaoh was his incarnation, pharaoh assumed this title and were revered as living gods.

HatHor = goddess of love and music

Set = the evil one, murderer of Osiris (who was latter brought back to life by Isis)

Sekhmet = goddess of vengeance, war, and terror = shown as a lioness


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Note that this was intended as parody so don't flame me when I misuse the mythology or mix it a little the Greek one, I'm not an anthropologist. And my English grammar… well let's say that was never my favorite subject. But hey, if that's your thing and you want to try and fix this, go ahead. I'll cringe a little but appreciate it.

Warnings: Angst, strange humor, OOC, AU, hmm PG for now, dunno later on.


Queen of the Nile
Chapter 1 -  The Birth of Pharaoh


She could hear the sandal clad footsteps of the guards approaching her bedchamber, and squeezed her hands, the nails biting into her soft palms. Her maids and slaves, oblivious to her despair, laughed and joked as they kept arranging her jewelry.

She closed her eyes and sent a silent prayer to HatHor/Relena, "Oh divine one, deliver me! I vow to built you a greater temple."

An insistent knock on the door stopped her silent prayers and increased the gaggle of the woman. The door opened, but instead of the wedding escort she found herself staring at the prince and high priest of Amun-Ra, surrounded by her father's personal guards. Their solemn, unsmiling faces brought silence to the room. He dismissed the woman with a sweeping look, and they scurried out of the room, fearful of the tension surrounding the priest.

"Oh beautiful one, beloved of the gods, daughter of the living god, it's my sad duty to bring sadness to you on this day, that should have been your most joyful." The priest paused and sorrowfully looked at her. "Our great, beloved majesty has joined his father Osiris."

She felt the blood drain from her face. "No…," she whispered and shook her head in denial. She turned, desperately trying to contain her tears, they would not see her cry.

He could contain himself no longer, touching her was forbidden, but his heart could not be denied. He would comfort the one that he loved. He gently touched her arms and felt her stiffen. He started to withdraw, feeling rebuked by her reaction but before he could walk away, she threw herself in his arms, hiding her face in his neck. He could feel her breasts pressed to his naked chest and tightened his hold, in an attempt to ignore his body's reaction.

She raised her face and stared at the uneasy guards, that stared at the scene unsure. "Leave us!" She commanded, her voice carrying the arrogance of dozens of pharaohs. The guards used to obeying without hesitation, turned and left closing the door behind them and standing outside, an impenetrable wall of defense.

Her gaze returned to the prince, who still held her.

"Princess, I should not be here. I will send for your women to comfort you."

"No, I want you to comfort me."

"Princess… do you know what your asking? I cannot! Your future husband and my future pharaoh awaits for you, I cannot betray him."

"Do you deny me?" She stared at him in anger and defiance.

"Anything I deny you, I deny myself doubly for your humble servant loves you."

"Then love me now, when I need you the most. He is not my husband now, nor your pharaoh. I am the only pharaoh now."

She placed the palms of her hands on his bare chest, and slowly lowered them. His traitorous body revealed his arousal, the linen kilt could not cover the obvious. She looked down and laughed.

"Nay, you cannot deny me," and she kissed him. She was right, he could deny her nothing.


Prince Wufei felt like a caged leopard, what an inauspicious time for Pharaoh to embark on his journey. Right in the temple of Amun-Ra, while awaiting for the Princess. A disloyal thought crossed his mind, why didn't he die after the wedding. Would the obstinate princess marry him now? She had made obvious her dislike of him, and he… he loathed her too. But he would and could not go against Pharaoh's wishes, nor was he stupid enough to reject the opportunity of being the next pharaoh. But to be pharaoh you had to marry pharaoh's only living heir, Princess Dorothy, may Isis bless her.

He needed to talk to her so he rushed back to the royal palace, but her rooms where barred by pharaoh's royal guards, and they could not be intimidated to let him pass. This increased his anxiety and anger. He joined the rest of the nobles who where gathering in the throne room.

An hour later, the princess appeared in the throne room. The gasps of the nobles filled the vast chamber. The princess appeared dressed as pharaoh, her hips clad in white linen, her breast exposed, and on her head the double crown of pharaoh. The royal guards flanked her and with their gold covered spears banged the floor and proclaimed in a loud voice. "Kneel before Pharaoh, Horus living, may she live forever."

It was hard to determine who was more shocked, Prince Wufei, whose face turned red; the high priest of Amun-Ra whose face paled; or the rest of the nobles who could just gape in stupefaction. A woman pharaoh?

She stared coldly at them and in a an ominous cold voice asked, "Shebenet, why are these mortals still standing?"

The head guard hefted his spear and was followed by the rest of the guards, who balanced their spears and bent their knee in preparation. The nobles scampered to kneel, their foreheads touching the ground. Only Prince Wufei and the high priest of Amun-Ra remained standing.

"Do you dare defy me?"

"My Majesty! I, Prince Wufei of the House of Light, son of Pharaoh's brother, and beloved of Osiris, would not dare defy pharaoh, but the question remains… can you, a woman, be pharaoh? I would like to hear the priests speak."

The priest eyes bore into her, what game are you playing? What a fool I've been, she has used me. His silence expanded in the chamber until it became unbearable. The princess held the royal staff even tighter, apprehension filling her.

"I, Prince Quatre, High Priest of Amun-Ra, of the House of Sand, son of Pharaoh's sister, beloved of Amun-Ra and blessed by Isis, say: Can divinity be confined too males only? Is not the goddess Isis/Hilde strong and faithful? Didn't she save the mighty Osiris? Is not Sekhmet/Lady Une the goddess of war? Princess Dorothy, daughter of the divine Horus, now do you take his ka and become the Horus living. My vow to serve you Pharaoh, may you live forever."

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