Queen of the Nile
Chapter 10 - Wufei's Wish


Wufei awoke in the early hours of them morning, before the glory of AmunRa had returned. A feeling of disorientation assailed him, the oasis seemed strange around him, he expected to see temple walls, and the smiling face of Sally.

What happened? Was it all a dream? It seemed so real.

He walked to the water and kneeled, splashing its cold water on his face, attempting to clear the last cobwebs of sleep.

A soft laughed made him turn, in once again he found himself in the presence of a goddess. But this one was not Seckmet/Lady Une, the moon crown held by the horns of a cow, proclaimed her to be Hathor.

"Don't you recognize me, Prince Wufei? Did the night you spent with me, mean so little?" The goddess mocked him.

Wufei straightened and coldly replied, "I don't know what you mean?"

"Come, come, let's not play games, you know very well it was me you worshipped."

"The one playing games is you, and it was Sally's body I worshipped."

"Careful, my proud prince. I'm being magnanimous with you. I was very disappointed with your wish, in fact, I was very angry. But I decided to have mercy and give you the chance to appease me. Did you not enjoy it?"

Wufei was overcome with anger but wisely remained silent, knowing well that further verbal attacks to the goddess, would only mean his own doom.

"Take my hand, Prince Wufei, I will show you something."

Wufei dared not refuse her and place his hand on top of hers. They were immediately swept in a cloud of sand that blinded him, when he opened his eyes once again, he found himself back in the temple, this time in Sally's room.

Sally slept peacefully, the sheets of her bed entwined in between her legs. Wufei remained silent, guilt stabbing him.

"Look closely, Wufei," Hathor/Relena whispered, "look at the stained sheets, it was her body you made love to, but my spirit was in there too."

Wufei, who still held the hand of the goddess, squeezed it painfully. She smiled indulgently and stood in even closer, whispering in his ear, "Are you sure you want to give her up? Will you give up the life of a warrior? Tell me Wufei, will you be able to bed Pharaoh?" Her eyes mocked him

"The goddess Seckmet has already pointed out the failings of being Pharaoh." He stared back at Hathor, his eyes inscrutable. "My decision has already been made, your machinations are for naught."

Hathor's eyes flashed with suppressed anger and it was her turn to squeeze his hand. Wufei felt as if his hand would be crushed, he squeezed his eyes trying not to scream, and the pain disappeared. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in the bank of the oasis.


Isis/Hilde: "I can't believe you did that!"

Hathor/Relena: *grins* "You're just jealous."

Isis/Hilde: "Well, I didn't see him change his attitude, so possessing the body of your priestess was a worthless endeavor."

Hathor/Relena: "Worthless? I don't think so, it was pretty good as a matter of fact."

Isis/Hilde: "Aren't you concerned at all?"

Hathor/Relena: "Huh? Why should I?"

Isis/Hilde: "Hellooo! What is AmunRa/Heero finds out?"

Hathor/Relena: "Isis, Isis, sweetheart, you can be so naive sometimes. Pray tell, what do you think AmunRa and Osiris/Duo where doing at Zeus party?"

Isis/Hilde: "Zeus party?"

Hathor/Relena: "oops."

Isis/Hilde: *red faced* "Wait till I get my hands on him!"

Hathor/Relena: "Isis, wait! Don't take it that way!"

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