Queen of the Nile
Chapter 2 - Quarrel of the Gods


Osiris/Duo : "This is an outrage! That woman dares to take the place of Pharaoh? No woman can do such a job."

Isis/Hilde : "Osiris! I can't believe you said that. The priest was right, didn't I save you? Ungrateful wretch, I say she can do a great job, hmph… probably better than past male pharaohs."

Osiris/Duo: "Bah! Will you always have to bring that up? I've thanked you, but you don't have to rub it in at every opportunity. Besides, that has nothing to do with this. I had chosen who would be Pharaoh, Wufei is an excellent choice, strong, intelligent, handsome… what more could she want?"

Isis/Hilde: "My are you dense! It's obvious that she possesses those attributes herself, so why would she need him? Besides, what about his short temper, low opinion of women, stubbornness,…"

Osiris/Duo: "Cease! I have spoken!"

Isis/Hilde : "YOU HAVE SPOKEN? Why you conceited… grr.. that those it. I'll not stand for your highhandedness in this."

Osiris/Duo : "Now sweetheart, don't be angry… you'll see I'm right. She needs a strong hand to keep her happy. 'Sides, I don't want to spoil our evening. HatHor/Relena gave me some nice juicy fruits she created with some interesting effects and well…. I was hoping we would try them out tonight."

Isis/Hilde : "Ha! That's the only thing you can think of? Well forget it! If you think that I'd be willing to hop into bed with you, just so you can try some new aphrodisiac… after your obnoxious behavior? I don't think so."

Osiris/Duo : "Oh, sweetheart, please…"


Amun-Ra/Heero : "Wow, that stuff was good."

HatHor/Relena : *wicked smile* "I'm glad you liked it, we can try some more tonight."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "You sure giving Osiris/Duo some was a good idea? I mean, it's not like he isn't already driving Isis/Hilde nuts."

HatHor/Relena : "As a matter of fact, it was Isis/Hilde that asked me to give him some."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Huh?"

HatHor/Relena : "Ha, ha… you gods are all the same, you think you're such great studs, ha, ha."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Am I not a great one?"

HatHor/Relena : "…I concede, you are great in EVERY way. By the way… I think I can sense Osiris/Duo and Isis/Hilde quarreling. Do you wish for me to intercede?"

Amun-Ra/Heero : "No, I'll take care of it. You stay here at eat more of that fruit, I'll be back."

HatHor/Relena : "Hurry back, wouldn't like to have to start things without you.

Amun-Ra/Heero : "You better not!"


Amun-Ra/Heero: "Isis, Osiris, what has disturbed your peace? I can hear your quarrel from my palace."

Osiris/Duo : "…"

Isis/Hilde : "grrr…."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Oh, come on! Speak, I have more important things to do."

Osiris/Duo : "Yeah, like jumping in bed with HatHor, what a trial!"

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Well, maybe if you were jumping in bed with Isis, you wouldn't be interrupting my fun!"

Isis/Hilde : "Oh mighty Amun-Ra, quarrel not with Osiris, for it is I whom he must appease."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "What has the baka… I mean… What hath the protector of pharaoh done to cause your displeasure."

Isis/Hilde : "He has denigrated the honor of women, stating that such a one could not a pharaoh be."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Princess Dorothy? That bitch? I mean… that strong minded woman? Hmm… what do you propose?"

Isis/Hilde : "Allow me to protect her for a year, and judge yourself at the end, whether she be worthy or not."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Very well, a year do I concede you. And Osiris… do not interfere, I forbid it!"

Osiris/Duo : "Hmph.."

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