Queen of the Nile
Chapter 4 -  Anger of the Goddess


HatHor/Relena : "Can you believe the gall of that man?"

Isis/Hilde : "ah…"

HatHor : "He asks his own lover to pray so that Pharaoh falls in love with him. Grr, he just wants that so that she will marry him."

Isis : "Yeah, well…"

HatHor : "You know what I'm thinking?"

Isis : "Hum…"

HatHor : "I'm thinking of making him fall madly in love with some lowly AND ugly slave. Yeah, that's what I should do, serves him right."

Isis : "Em… HatHor, there may be a better way."

HatHor : "Yeah? What?"

Isis : "I know your not supposed to help me with my project, but…"

HatHor : "Project? What project?"

Isis : "Huh? Don't you know? I'm out to prove that a woman can be Pharaoh!"

HatHor : *confused* "Huh? What is there to proof? That's a fact and that's that. But more importantly, who has said what I may or may not do?

Isis : "Well… Amun-Ra/Heero said Osiris/Duo was not to interfere."

HatHor : *patiently* "Did he say I couldn't?"

Isis : "No."

HatHor : "There you have it, whose to say I can't?"

Isis : Since you put it that way… I wouldn't mind if you helped me a bit. After all, I can only do so much. So far the only thing I've been able to accomplish is to protect her life."

HatHor : " You mean someone has dared to try and harm Pharaoh?"

Isis : "The problem is they don't consider her Pharaoh."

HatHor : "I see. Maybe you should get Sekhmet /Lady Une to help you, after all she is the goddess of war."

Isis : "Nah, don't think so. She is angry with me right now. Wufei is a favorite of her, and she wanted him to succeed the throne. You know… I've heard rumors that she has even bedded him."

HatHor : "Really? Was he any good?"

Isis : "HatHor!! Aren't you and Amun-Ra together."

HatHor : "Dearie, we are together now… but who knows what tomorrow might bring. You know he has a roving eye, I won't be his last. Besides, if Wufei was any good… I might find away for him to appease my anger."

Isis : "I thought you said you were going to help me."

HatHor : "Oh… yes, yes. What's the plan then?"


Osiris/Duo : "I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored…"

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Oh please stop that! I'm not changing my mind, I told Isis that you wouldn't interfere, and that_is_final!"

Osiris/Duo : "Oh come on, I'm tired of being the god of the dead. Isn't there something else I could be? You know the god of beautiful maidens or something."

Amun-Ra/Heero : "As if you could! Isis would kill you."

Osiris/Duo : "No way, she is not powerful enough!"

Amun-Ra/Heero : "Oh yeah? And who was it that had to rescue you from Seth/Treize, I believe you would still be dead, if it wasn't for our powerful Isis."

Osiris/Duo : "First of all… I AM TIRED of being reminded about that! I just slipped a little and Seth got me unawares. Secondly, she is NOT our powerful Isis, she is MY powerful Isis."

Amun-Ra/Heero : *rolls eyes* "Calm down! I'm not making a move for her."

Osiris/Duo : "Prevention, my dear Amun-Ra, prevention, wouldn't be the first time you've lured some unsuspecting goddess or mortal for that matter."

Amun-Ra : "…"

Osiris/Duo : "You know I've been thinking…"

Amun-Ra : "Quite a stretch for you, I'm sure."

Osiris : "Hey! Listen to my idea first, I've heard there are some new civilizations beyond the great sea. Maybe they need some gods over there, think I could get a higher ranking? Maybe, even the top gig."

Amun-Ra : "Are you crazy? I went for a visit, believe me… you don't want to go there. They offer human sacrifices."

Osiris : "I wouldn't mind a virgin maid, once in awhile."

Amun-Ra : "No, you dope, DEAD humans."

Osiris : "Ewww… can't I get away from the dead? Oh come on, Amun-Ra, let me do something. Isis won't find out, I swear."

Amun-Ra : "Are we back to that? Oh go pester some other god or… goddess."

Osiris: "Goddess?"

Amun-Ra : "Do I have to spell it out for you? Sekhmet /Lady Une."

Osiris : "Why would I want to pester her?"

Amun-Ra : "Oh forget it! Go away and leave me alone, I got an invite from Zeus, and I'm going to party over there."

Osiris : "Oh please, take me with you! I promise not to bother you again… plus I won't tell HatHor."

Amun-Ra : "You dare threaten me?

Osiris : *puppy eyes*

Amun-Ra : "… oh all right, come with me."

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