Queen of the Nile
Chapter 6


Zeus: "Why did you have to bring him? I told you last time NOT to bring him."

Amun-Ra/Heero: "He's not that bad."

Zeus: "He perverts the lesser gods!"

Amun-Ra/Heero: "Yeah, like they need help with that."

Zeus: "Humph."


Dionysus#: "You sure about that? I don't want Zeus getting sick; there would be hell to pay."

Osiris/Duo: "I swear! Hathor/Relena gave it to me, and you know how gifted she is with potions."

Dionysius: "A potion!!"

Osiris/Duo: "Wait, wait, what I meant was ahm... nutritional additives."

Dionysus: "Huh?"

Osiris/Duo: "Look, the important thing here is, that if you add this powder to your grape juice it will enhance its flavor AND give it a medicinal relaxing effect.#"

Dionysus: *eyes the powder suspiciously* "Wellll... Hathor is a classy lady... hmm... just this once."

Duo: "You won't regret it! Now, lets mix it up and start serving."


Amun-Ra/Heero: "You see, he is just talking to Dionysus. Probably discussing grapes, Osiris is a great fan of the grape juice. I know he has been talking to Hathor about how to improve it, so that it won't spoil."

Zeus: "Really? Well, maybe I misjudged the boy. It's good to see him on a worthwhile endeavor."

Amun-Ra/Heero: "How is it going with your future nation?"

Zeus: "Kind of a sore spot right now, but they'll come about. You'll see, someday they will be even greater than Egypt."

Amun-Ra/Heero: *snorts*

Zeus: "Hey, it's hard to develop under the Persian Empire#! But I'm determined to get rid of them. The Spartans are a good bet for that. Those idiots in Athens just like to prance around discussing stupid ideas."

Amun-Ra/Heero: "I hope, for your sake, they get their act together. You'd be better of, if the cities would unite under one rule."

Zeus: "We'll see."

Duo and Dionysus offer them drinks.

Amun-Ra and Zeus: "Thanks!"

Zeus: *frowns at the cup* "Dionysus, this tastes different. I hope your not trying to poison me."

Dionysus: *looks nervously at Duo* "Err.. Never Sire. It's a, hum... what's it called? A preservative, so the juice won't spoil. Plus Osiris assures me that it has the medicinal effect of relaxing you."

Zeus: "Relaxing, huh? Then give me some more, I've been too tense lately."

A few hours later...

We find Zeus riding Duo and pulling his braid as it where a bridle, Heero grinning foolishly with Aphrodite on one side and Artemis on the other, both naked, and the rest of the gods involved in an uninhibited orgy. #

The beginning of the total corruption of the Greek gods starts with a big bang.


1.  Dionysus also known as Bacchus the god of wine.

2.  Obviously neither the Egyptians nor the Greeks invented wine, took the liberty for comedy relief.

3.  The Persian Empire controlled the known world for some time until the Greeks defeated them and became the ruling power, even conquering Egypt who was later ruled by Pharaoh's descending from one the generals of Alexander the Great, the ultimate Greek conqueror.

4.  Okay, I'm not up to writing a lemon for this, but if somebody with more talent than me (not hard) wants to do it, go ahead.

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