Queen of the Nile
Chapter 9 -  Worship the Goddess



The last tremors of fear have vanished, vanished thanks to the passion Quatre awakens in me. No other man can take his place, for he is the only one that understands me body and soul. But the fear of the future remains.

Wufei wishes for my death. Quatre does not want to believe this, they have been friends since childhood, but Wufei has been my enemy for that long too. I do not remember how it all started, but he was always arrogant, condescending, and just plain mean to me. Whereas, Quatre, always stood by me, defended me, and understood my private sorrows.

I should have him killed, but I fear the reaction of the nobles, for he is well respected by them. There are good reasons for this, he has earned their respect. He is a brilliant strategic commander and a fearless warrior. Worthy indeed, to be called the Hand of Pharaoh. My father chose him as my future husband for this reason, not because he was next in line as some assumed. But if he’s the Hand of Pharaoh, Quatre is the Heart of Pharaoh.

I cannot give him up. I might as well die. And it may come to that, for Wufei is determined to reach the throne, if I don’t marry him, my death is the only way. I rage in silence, I cannot kill him without firm evidence, Quatre would not forgive me. I have another alternative, but will Quatre agree?


He would not return to the tent, the mere thought of spending the night besides those two sons of Seth made his head pound. So he sat underneath a palm tree, resting his back on its trunk. He adjusted the leopard skin to cover part of his legs.

The comforting warmth of the fur, the soothing sound of the wind as it rustled the palms, and his exhaustion combined to lull him into a deep sleep. But the goddess would not let him rest, for she haunted his dreams.

Wufei... Wufei... a soft whisper beckoned him. You must worship the goddess... worship the goddess so she may smile upon you.

Worship the goddess? He thought in his sleep, he had worshipped the gods since his birth. What did the voice mean?

Worship her body, Wufei. Bring her pleasure. Came the soft whisper reply to his unspoken question.

In the haze of his dream, he tried to focus on his surroundings, but he could barely make out the richly painted walls of a temple. He moved forward, trying to find the source of the whispers, until he found himself in front of an altar; a large flat stone on top of a richly carved base with depictions of the goddess Hathor.

He looked up, and standing on top of the altar the form of woman appeared, he tried to see her face, and it resembled Sally.


“Wufei, you must worship the goddess.”

The voice was not Sally’s, he blinked in confusion and tried to focus on her face, and for a moment he saw the moon crowned image of the goddess Hathor, but he blinked again and once again the face of Sally appeared.

She smiled at him seductively, as she brought her hands up to her neck, lowering them slowly, pressing her firm breasts, down to her stomach and even lower.

Wufei’s body responded to the blatant provocation. He reached for her, his hands cupping her back cheeks and his mouth burying itself on the core of her femininity, mouthing her across the fine transparent linen. Her hands held his head, pressing him further, encouraging him to continue.

His hands sought the firm muscles of her thighs and pressed them apart, seeking deeper access to her. She lowered herself, sitting on the cold stone, while he knelt between her now spread legs. She arched her back, crying her pleasure, as he delved even deeper with his mouth and tongue.

He stood and slowly lifter her dress up, spreading her legs even further, positioning himself to enter the core of her heat. He proved the slick entrance with his swollen staff, until she sank her nails on his shoulders with impatience. He sank into her and lost himself to the passion.

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