Queen of the Nile


The servant girl was found later that day by Quatre, who found her lying on the side of his bed unconscious. He remembered her, she was the one who had fallen into his arms after she and the other servants had bathed him. She was still alive, but remained unconscious for another day. When she awoke, she could not speak. It took her a week to recuperate enough. But at last she was able to shed some light on the affair.

Sheftu's loyalty to Quatre had taken a sick turn, he wanted the highest position for the man he considered a god. He'd hoped to kill Pharaoh but make it seem as if Wufei had done the deed. That way he would have eliminated the two persons who were next in line to the throne, leaving Quatre as heir to the throne. He hadn't counted on the fact that Quatre loved Dorothy. He had felt betrayed by this, and had finally snapped, intending to kill both.

Quatre felt saddened that the young man he had trusted and cared for could have twisted their friendship in such a way.

The girl was so frightened that she confessed her own involvement in the plot. She had foolishly entertained designs on Quatre, hoping to at least obtain the position of concubine. But at the same time she had silently sabotaged Sheftu's schemes, spilling tainted wine, screaming at the sight of a snake, and so forth. She was the daughter of a priest, and hurting a living goddess was not possible in her mind. For this her punishment was greatly reduced, she was simply exiled to a remote city, to serve under a lesser priestess.

Shebenet retired feeling ashamed that his own nephew had been the traitor. Dorothy made sure that he retired in wealth, knowing of his long faithful years of service.

Wufei felt grateful that Quatre had believed in him against overwhelming circumstances, he did not know of Pharaoh's suspicions but he could well imagine them.

Quatre insisted that he could not marry Dorothy, he felt that even with Wufei's support the people would need more time to accept it.

Dorothy finally had her way, one year after she took power, they married. The kingdom felt as if it had three pharaohs. Dorothy remained in charge of the strategic expansion of the kingdom and the engineering projects. Quatre, who after all had been a priest, took the mantra of the Pharaoh's priesthood, while Wufei remained the Hand of Pharaoh, visiting justice on all the enemies of the kingdom.

Years after, the fact that Dorothy had been absolute Pharaoh for a year, was forgotten or ignored on purpose by the men who felt threatened by it. The throne was succeeded by Wufei's daughter who had married the eldest of Lady Reshematep sons. Quatre and Dorothy were never blessed with children, and Wufei had only the one daughter.

The End

Egyptian gods: "Hey!!! Hey!! This can't be the end we haven't had our say!! Helloo! Lady K!!!"

Lady K: "Oops, sorry guys, I was so worried of finishing this fic..."

Duo: "That you forgot about us, right? Well, that's just peachy!"

Heero *pointing gun*: "Well get to it, this is the first time I get to play a god, I'm tired of Duo always playing that part. My talents are finally recognized and now you decide to ignore me. Gone on, hurry up, or else."

Duo: "Damn, why must I always be the god of death, why couldn't you make me into something else, it's always the same thing...

Heero: "Oh shut up Duo and stop bitching. Lady K, I think I said to start writing!"

Lady K: "Jeez, okay, okay, let me try."


Queen of the Nile
Epilogue of the Gods


Duo/Osiris: "You see, I told you, she wasn't any good at being Pharaoh."

Hilde/Isis: "She was too!"

Duo/Osiris: "Naah!"

Hilde/Isis: "Aha!"

Duo/Osiris: "Naah!"

Hilde/Isis: "Aha!"

Relena/Hathor: "Shut up, the both you."

Heero/AmunRa: "Thank you Hathor, they were giving me a headache."

Hilde/Isis: "But who won?"

Relena/Hathor: *glares at Heero*

Heero/Amun-Ra: "Ahem, yeah well, I believe Isis won."

Duo/Osiris: "Oh yeah? How do you figure that?"

Heero/Amun-Ra: "Well, it would be obvious to anyone with half a brain, oh I forgot you don't have, half a brain!"

After 5 minutes.

Duo/Osiris: "Hey, your insulting me!"

Heero/Amun-Ra: "I think I proved my point. But really, Duo. Dorothy was a fine Pharaoh, she had good strategic skills, made significant improvements in the engineering, hell what else do you want?"

Duo/Osiris: "How about.... NOT renouncing her throne in order to get married!"

Heero/Amun-Ra: "Tsk, tsk, you should have seen that coming, with Isis and Hathor involved you should have expected some such happy ending. Besides the fact that she was willing to accept another as Pharaoh with her, increased her value in my eyes. Sometimes wanting something so badly, you will do ANYTHING for it, disqualifies you. A wise leader knows that some costs are too high."

Hilde/Isis: "Yay, we won, we won!!!"

Duo/Osiris: *grumbles* "HeisjustsayingthattogetinsideHathor'spanties."

Heero/Amun-Ra: "What did you just say?"

Duo/Osiris: "Nuttin."

THE END!!!!!!!!

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