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Title:  The Color of Love
Pairings:  1+2+1
Waff, Lime, Duo POV
Kentra Shinataku


When I'm in his arms, I feel like I am being lifted up by the hands of eternity.  He's the only one who's ever truly cared about me, and been around to let me know.  He's taught me so much.  He freed me, though I thought that his was the trapped and pleading soul.

We've both been through shit.  But those times we are together, just the two of us, its like the war doesn't matter anymore, we've got each others arms to keep us from harm.  He'll always be with me, at least in my heart.  If I should die in battle tomorrow, I would love him for every second that I could cling to my life.

His love is all I need to keep me strong, to keep me going.  He loves me as much as I love him.  With him, I can belong with someone for the first time, for the first time I can be welcomed home into loving arms.

He runs his fingers over my long bound hair, entangling his hands like the intermingling of our hearts.  His normally harsh and unfriendly features soften and a smile has brought itself to rest upon his soft lips.  No one else has had the fortune and honor to see him this way, I can tell by the way he holds himself, occupying an air of shyness.

He's shown me a part of myself that I had kept secret and secure, a part of myself I never knew existed.  But I do have that part of me, sensitive, gentle.  Because of him I see things in golden rich color instead of black shadows.  He showed me that it was okay to live, that I was worth something, he filled my heart with life and content instead of sorrow and death.

He looks at me, his impenetrable eyes ablaze.  I stare at him longingly, savoring the beauty of his smooth face, his messy brown hair.  He is mature far beyond his years, war exposing him to the factors that increase our ages.  My eyes linger an extended moment upon his lips. Burning a line from his mouth to his eyes, we capture each others gaze.  Our mouths meet and its more then a simple embrace.  That single moment stretches time beyond extent, yet it could never last long enough.  In that moment, we are normal.  I am not the God of Death, he is not the Perfect Soldier.  We are equal.  We are one, unscathed by the tumult of war, fear of death, fear of life, only captured in the moment.

Heero Yuy is much more then I deserve, he is love in himself.  He has brought me life, a life I could never have lived without him, and he has given me, most importantly, the smooth color of love.