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Title: Flying Away
Lyrics: Andou Yoshihiko
Pairings: 1+R
Warnings: Sap
Author: Sarah


Inside a darken room, a figure creeps through the stillness. Upon reaching it's destination it stops. Peering down at the sleeping form in a small wooden crib, the figure gently sighs. For several minutes the figure just watches in silences. Only the slow rising and falling of the small chest is noticeable in the vast darkness.

As if coming out from a deep thought, the figure sighs once more, then proceeds in picking up the sleeping infant. The child stirs a bit, and then opens her big eyes. She remains silent, only staring deep into her father's eyes. He notes that she has his own sad eyes.

Slowly, he walks over to the open bay windows on the other side of the room. The artificial night-light seeps through the windows. Cradling the tiny infant in his arms, he peers down upon the rest of the colony. He again is lost in a deep thought, but is suddenly pulled out by the soft cooing sounds of the infant. He stares at her once more, and then gives her his version of a smile. She mimics his smile back to him. Closing his troublesome eyes, he softly begins to sing to her.

moetsukita chihei no kanata
hitosuji no asahi ga kagayaku

As I descend toward the burnt-up earth,
the morning sun shines

kizutsuitemo egao wo wasurenai
itsuka aeru ashita wo sagasou

No matter how much it hurts, I won't forget your smile
I'll search for the tomorrow when we can meet again

sayonara higashi no sora he tabidatsu tori yo
sekai wa itsumo omae no subete wo tsutsumu

Goodbye, bird taking flight to the eastern sky
Because the world always conceals everything you are

namida sae nakushita asa ni
mou ichido nanika ga hajimaru

Even tears will be lost in the morning
Once again, something will begin

oikaketemo todokanai mono nara
inochi kakete kono te ni tsukamou

If there are things you can't reach, no matter how hard you chase them,
At the risk of my life, I'll catch them in these hands

Flying away kokoro no mama ni tondeyukitai
Flying away kimi no tame nara sora wo kakeyou… flying...

Flying away--in my heart, I want to fly away
Flying away--For your sake, let's run to the sky--Flying...

sayonara higashi no sora he tabidatsu tori yo
sekai wa itsumo omae wo matteita hazu

Goodbye, bird taking flight to the eastern sky
Because the world has always been waiting for you

Flying away kaze ni dakarete tondeyukitai
Flying away kimi no tame nara jiyuu ni nareru… flying...

Flying away--embracing the wind, I want to fly away
Flying away--For your sake, I can be free--Flying...

Upon finishing the lullaby, he brings the infant into a tight embrace. He opens his guilt stricken eyes and softly sobs to her.

"I'm sorry, Tifa."


Heero turns at the sudden mention of his name. He finds Relena standing in the doorway of the room with a confused look upon her face. He just stares back at her. Knowing the true intent of his visit to their daughter's nursery, but wanting to hear it for herself, she softly asks…

"Your leaving, aren't you Heero?"

"I have to Relena."

Relena crosses the room and stands in front of him. Her eyes are full of pain.

"Why, Heero? Why must you go and fight? Why must you leave us like this?"

He slowly speaks to her in his usual monotone expression. "Because it's a war, Relena. And because I am a soldier."

"You and the others don't have your Gundams anymore. How are you going to fight without them?"

"We will manage." He replies.

"Are you planning on dying?" Again her eyes fill with pain.

"That is always a possibility in war. However, I plan on defeating the enemy."

Heero hands the tiny infant into Relena's arms and then gives her one final long kiss. He then begins to walk out of the room.

"Please come back to us, Heero." Her voice is soft as a tear slowly runs down Relena's cheek.

He only nods then walks out the door. A soft echo is then heard, floating down the hallway towards the mother and tiny daughter still inside the darken room.

"Sayonara, my ladies."