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Title: A Gift From You
Pairings: 2xH
Warnings: Lemon, Death, Angst & Sap.
Author: Sarah


I sit here and I wonder, how did I make it this far? How did I stay sane for the last 10 months without you? It wasn't easy, I will tell you that. All the pain I have endured hasn't made one second of this easy. But I am strong. I will get through this. With your help, of course.

I remember the day Heero and two other Preventer agents came to my door. Heero looked tired and beat. He had some news for me. I knew it wasn't good. His eyes never had sadness in them before that day. I knew it was about you. I knew it before Heero ever spoke. He sat me down, and told me the details. How you never saw the enemy behind you. He said you never had a chance. The shots were lethal and quick. Heero had rush to your side, while Wufei shot your murder down cold. He said that you gave him one last message to give to me. One last goodbye. Heero then took my hand and told me that with your last final breath, you whispered, "Tell Hilde I love her and take care of her, Heero. Promise me that." And then you were gone. Gone from our lives forever. I looked at Heero and began to cry. It was too much for me. We had only been married several months earlier and now you were gone. I never thought I would loose you so soon. I thought you were immortal. You were the God of Death. The one who brought death upon others. Not the one death claimed for itself.

Your funeral was even harder to deal with. There you lied in a small casket in the front of the church. The same church that only months before made us husband and wife. I was in a daze though out the whole service. I didn't know how to register this all in. I could hear in a fog that everyone thought your service was lovely. I now wish I could have listen to it. To hear what everyone had said about you. I'm sure they were lovely words. But I don't think anyone of them knew how you really felt. I was the only one who knew that. That's what made everything so difficult. You were so alive, full of life. We had so much to look forward to, you and I. Together. Forever.

Relena, Sally, and even Quatre tried their best to comfort me through out the next couple of weeks after I buried you. Heero and Relena made me stay with them while I got back on my feet. It wasn't the same. I wanted very much to stay at our home, but they kept insisting that thing would just get worse and with no one to watch me, I was unpredictable. Relena tried to take me shopping, but everywhere we went, something reminded me of you and I would become a wreck again. I do thank them for their time to try and cheer me up. I knew each of them had their own priorities in front of me, but they all took their times to think of me first. I just wish I could have been better to them.

The one thing I will never forget, never in my entire time on this earth, was that one night months after you had been gone. I had just laid myself down from a tiring day out with Relena and Sally. I was just starting to doze when I felt a light touch on my cheek. At first I thought it was nothing. I thought it was the breeze coming through the open window. But then, I felt it again. A little softer then the first. Someone was touching me. I opened my eyes and raised my head slightly to find out who it was. I gasped out. It was you. I stared at your brilliant face. I could not believe this. I closed my eyes and shook my head. No, I was dreaming. This was a cruel dream I was having. I had buried you months ago, there was no way you were in my room. I opened my eyes again and expected to find myself alone once more. But you were still there. Smiling at me. My eyes went wide and I reached up to touch your face. You felt real. So real and full of life. I knew I couldn't have been dreaming. No dream felt as real as you did. I reach up and hugged you. I wept on your chest. You were stroking my hair saying that it was all right. That everything was all right. I questioned about what had happened to you and how you could have still been alive after I saw you get lowered into the ground. But you said nothing. Just continued to stroke my hair. I pulled away from you and asked, "How can this be?" You looked deep into my eyes. Then you kissed me. Full and hard. My question faded in the back of my mind as I kissed you back in the same matter. I didn't care how it could be. All I cared was that you were here with me.

I felt your hands start undoing the buttons on my nightshirt, as we continued kissing. Your hands rubbing and feeling my warm skin as you unbuttoned each button slowly. I liked that you were touching me. It made my vision that you were alive and not dead more real. You parted from my mouth and continued your hard kisses down my neck and to my chest. I began to breath heavily. You exposed my hidden breasts and were delighted to find that they were aroused and waiting for you. You didn't hesitate on your attack on them. Nipping and needing my harden nipples with your mouth and tongue. I began to moan slightly. You always knew where my weak spots were and how to get me all hot and excited inside. My hands did some exploring of their own. After removing your shirt, my hands almost seem to take a life of their own. They moved up and down your strong arms and back. Needing and scratching at them as they went along. I too knew all of your weak spots. I could tell this made you all hot with passion. Your breathing also began to grow heavier. It wasn't long now before you couldn't contain yourself any longer. After your attack on my breasts, you completely removed my nightshirt and went after my lower part. I could feel your hot breath on my opening and I started squirming. My excitement was reaching a crucial level. I wanted you bad and I wanted you now. You saw this, but like you always do, you had to torture me further. You let your tongue do all the work. Tasting me from the inside. Playing with my sensitive areas. Making my body sweat with pleasure. Furthering my need for you.

After you thought you had tortured me just enough, you made your way back up my body to my neck. I knew what was coming next. I had anticipated this moment ever since you started turning me into a glob of puddy in your arms. I helped you with the removal of your pants and stared at your swollen excitement, just waiting to dive right into me. A smile crossed my face. It was going to happen. You positioned yourself in the right spot on top of me and started nibbling my neck a little. I wrapped my legs around your waist and you wasted no time by plunging yourself deep within me. The first forceful thrust sent me shrieking your name. I saw your smile widen as you saw how long I had waited for this. Your thrusts, steady at first, became more forceful as both our climaxes started to rise. I thrashed my head back and forth as the motion of our rhythms became more in tuned with one another. The feeling was of such ecstasy. The shear notion of us being as one, made me shiver with such pleasure. Your moans fueling my climax as your pace became deeper and deeper. I didn't want the feeling to stop. I wanted it to last for an eternity. And then you reached your climax as you thrusted for the last time, releasing your seed deep inside of me.

I then laid beneath you, feeling your weight in its entirety. But I did not care. I wanted you to stay like that. Just the feeling of you, made me know that you were with me and not buried underneath the earth. You stared into my eyes once again. Like you were trying to remember the look that was in them. The love that the held for you. You kissed me gently again. Then you whispered, "Hilde, always remember that I love you. Never forget that." I hugged you tightly. "Duo, I will never forget that." You smiled again, and then started stroking my hair once more. The temptation of sleep swept over me as I started drifting away still holding on to you like my life depended on it. The last thing I remember was you saying goodbye.

I woke the next morning and reached out to wake you, but you weren't there. I then thought it had been a cruel dream, but when I got up out of bed, I realized that I was completely naked. I began questioning myself. Did you really come to me in my sleep that night, or did I do this upon myself. I didn't know what to think. I sat on the bed, and the wave of notion swept over me. You were really dead and that was a dream I was dreaming. I started crying once more. I was selfish. I really wanted you to have been there with me. I really wanted to know that I actually touched you and not just dreamt I did. But at last, I clamed and told myself that I had to be strong once again. I through on my robe and head down the stairs to where Relena had breakfast waiting for me.

Several weeks later, I came down with a nasty stomach bug. I knew it was something more, but I wasn't curtain. I went to see Sally, to see if she could find out why I was throwing up a lot in the morning. She ran some tests, but could not find anything wrong with me. I then asked her to do a pregnancy test. She just laughed and stated that you had been dead for to long. I could not be pregnant. I told her I needed to see if my hunch was right and she did the test on me. Sally stared at me with wide eyes as she showed me the tube from my test. It was blue. My hunch was right. I was pregnant. She told me that this was impossible and that the only way it could be was if the father was someone else. I told her no, that you were the father. She called it a miracle. I called it a gift from you.

And now I sit here on my rocking chair, caressing my swollen womb with this gift that you gave me. I feel the tiny life move within me. It always brings a smile to my face. I see you standing in the corner with your arms folded, watching me. You don't look as real now, like the night you came to me. But I don't care. I smile as you walk towards me. I can see excitement in your transparent eyes. You place your hand on my stomach. I can feel you. The baby moves towards your hand and kicks in response. I think it knows you are there. Your smile widens. You place your other hand on my cheek and you look into my eyes. They are full of happiness. Even though you are gone, I will always know that you are still with me. And that you still love me. And that I love you too. You kiss me gently and a solo tear runs down my face. You whisper once more to me. "Hilde, always know that I am here watching over the two of you and that you will never be alone. I love you and I love this gift I gave to you. Don't ever forget that." I whisper back, "I love you too, Duo. And I will never forget this." You kiss my cheek once more, and then you vanish. Another tear streaks down my face, but I know deep in my heart that this was not the last I will see of you. You will be with me again, real soon. I know it.