Disclaimer:  Mine. *smiles and walks away*

Title: Hidden Talents
Pairings: 4x3
Warnings: Sap, Fluff
Author: Renee-domo


He sat at the kitchen table in nothing but a pair of Quatre's red silk boxers while carefully blowing on a heaping spoonful of apple cinnamon oatmeal. It was taking all of Quatre's willpower as a Gundam pilot to stop himself from dragging his Latin lover back to bed and forgetting about the errands he had to run.

"I never would have pegged you as an oatmeal-eating sleep-until-noon kinda guy when I first saw you step out of Heavyarms," Quatre said with a hint of sarcasm.

Trowa raised only his eyes and shot Quatre a coy little smile. "Well, they do call me the enigma, right?"

"So you've heard the guys trying to figure you out, huh?"

"Not just the guys; I've been called that my entire life, koi. Well, that and Nanashi. I guess I'm just full of surprises!"

"That's one statement I'll never argue against. Everyday I learn something new about you. I like it, it keeps me on my toes."

Quatre walked over to the sink and had to laugh at the sight of Heero's wedding present to Trowa and himself. Heero had thought it was so cute he just had to buy it. So now Trowa and Quatre grabbed their keys off of a string of frogs faces with their tongues hanging out and curled into little hooks. "It's a good thing we convinced Heero to let Duo do all of their decorating!"

"At least he's starting to loosen up. Where are you off to?"

"I've got to run to the store and get some more `provisions' for the weekend. What was that stuff Wufei couldn't get enough of last week?"

"Wu-chan's a light weight, he couldn't stop chugging those Kiwi- Strawberry wine coolers!"

"Riiight. I'll be back in about on hour, koi." Quatre walked over and placed two fingers under Trowa's chin, lifting his head to meet his eyes. He gazed longingly for a brief moment, remembering the previous night, then bent over and pressed his lips to Trowa's in that slow and gentle way that only Quatre could.

He pulled away slowly and smiled in satisfaction at the look on his lover's face. "I'll be home soon."

"I can't wait." Trowa replied with a lift of his one visible eyebrow.

Quatre answered with a smirk and left to buy the junk food and alcohol for the weekend's planned…get-together.

As Trowa finished the last of his oatmeal, he glanced around the house and felt deafened by the silence. There had been too many occasions in his young life when silence had been forced upon him and he hastily decided to turn on the stereo.

He walked swiftly across the living room and hit the power button only to be blasted backwards by the speaker next to his ear. The remnants of their last get-together still remained in the CD player. Duo had declared disco night and pulled out the soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever". He only got a couple shimmies in before Heero and Wufei put a stop to that by hogtying the American boy.

"Duo will never change." Trowa shook his head as images of the flamboyant American from their five year friendship flashed through his mind. "Sometimes I admire Duo's carefree ways. He really doesn't care what anyone thinks of him."

Trowa glanced at the clock and noted that he still had forty-five minutes before Quatre would be home. His gaze shifted from the clock to the door, and then back to the stereo that was still bellowing disco and a mischievous smile slowly spread across his face.


"I can't believe I left my wallet! Trowa is never going to let me forget this," Quatre thought as he walked up to their front door. He grabbed the doorknob and paused, listening to the bass of their stereo pounding out a rhythm. "What the hell is that?"

Quatre pushed the door open and froze with mouth agape at the sight in front of him. Trowa was standing frozen in the classic John Travolta stance--right arm shot straight into the air with index finger extended. His left hand and arm were in the same position as the right, but locked down his left side and pointed at the ground. His right leg was bent at the knee and he was staring in shock and embarrassment at his blonde angel.

"I… forgot… my… wallet," Quatre muttered, utterly bewildered at the scene in front of him.

Trowa brought himself back into his typical stance with his arms folded across his naked chest. By now his cheeks were the same color as the freshly cut roses that Quatre placed on the table everyday. Trowa looked around the room and spotted the little leather wallet in the kitchen.

"It's on the count—" *click* Quatre had shut the door behind him and slid the dead bolt into place. "I thought you were running some-"

"They can wait," Quatre interrupted with a lustful tone in his voice and a rapturous gaze that could have melted an iceberg.

The same look appeared in Trowa's eyes as Quatre crossed the room and wrapped one arm around Trowa's waist, the other softly tracing down Trowa's left cheek. Trowa was about to say something when his lips were enveloped and the arm around his waist became tight, pressing his body hard against Quatre's. Now Trowa understood why Duo loved disco so much. If this is what happened he might declare every night disco night.

Quatre broke off the kiss and gasped for breath. "Come with me koi. I want to see what other hidden talents you've been keeping."

Quatre and Trowa walked towards their bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind them that ended in the hallway, just outside their bedroom door, with a pair of red silk boxers.