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Title: Missed You
Pairings: 2xH
Warnings: Lemon, Fluff
Author: Sarah


Duo breathed a sigh of relief as he exited the car. "Oi, it's good to be home. Hilde will be thrilled to see me." He had been gone far too long to let Hilde be alone. Two weeks undercover for the Preventers made him miss his time with Hilde more than ever. She came to him in his mind every second of those long grueling weeks. Duo had made up his mind that he was never going to leave her that long again. He never showed her much affection before he left, but now he was going to show her just how much she meant to him.

Duo entered through the front door and was surprised to find the house in total darkness except for a faint glow illuminating from the living room. He set his bag and jacket on the kitchen table and proceeded to the living room. There he found the sleeping form of his beloved on the couch. "She must have fallen asleep while watching the TV." He thought to himself. Duo stood above her, staring at her sleeping form. "Gosh, she is so beautiful. I'm such an idiot for not seeing and believing this earlier." He whispered to himself.

Hilde stirred a bit. "Duo…?" she said apparently still asleep. Duo thought that she had woken up, but Hilde just rolled to the other side and stayed asleep. A warm smile came to Duo's face. "She must be dreaming about me," he whispered to himself again. "I'm gonna wake her up nice and slowly."

Duo knelt down beside the couch. He was curtain that his method of waking Hilde was going to be a great one. He started off by lightly touching her nose. Hilde wrinkled her nose from the touch. Duo chuckled. Then he lightly stroked her cheek with one finger. Hilde's head seemed to turn towards the gentle touch. She made a little noise. Another smile came across Duo's face.

His finger moved from her cheek to her lips. He loved the feel of them. So soft and warm. She parted her mouth a little and Duo took that opportunity to move his finger slightly into her mouth. Her mouth was so warm. He couldn't hold it in any longer and leaned in to kiss her luscious lip lightly. "Mm…Duo." She almost moaned. To Duo's surprise, Hilde stayed asleep. "Now, she really must be dreaming about me." An evil grin crossed his face.

He moved his hand to lightly stroke the sides of her arms. She shivered a bit, but she seemed to move towards his touch. Almost wanting more. After caressing her chin and neck, he moved his hand towards her chest. "Should I do this or not?" He thought. "I don't think she'll mind." His hand lightly ran passed her breasts and found that they were hard and aroused. "Ohh…that must be some dream." Duo ran his hands back over her breasts and began to stroke them lightly. Hilde started to breath a little bit heavier. He decided to tug at her shirt and brought his hand up into her shirt to continue stroking her breasts. However, he was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Was she expecting me to come home today or is this a coincidence." He thought in confusion.

Hilde sleeping head tilted back as Duo continued to stroke her bare flesh. He could tell that she was enjoying it. He attacked her lips again and she started to kiss him back. He opened his eyes and found that he was staring into her gorgeous now awake eyes. A big smile was planted on her face.

"Hi there!" Duo said cheerfully. "I'm glad your wake now. What's with the smile?"

"Silly, I've been awake since you came through the door. I just pretended to be asleep to see what you would do!" Hilde giggled at him. "But I like what I woke up too!"

"Oh you little sneek." Duo grined and started tickling her.

Hilde squealed. "Stop…stop…ok, I give up…I'm sorry…"

"Ok, I forgive you, but only if I can kiss you again."

"Duo, you can do what ever you want to me."


"Yes, promise." She giggled again.

Duo grined, as he picked Hilde up off the couch and carried her to his bedroom. He deposited her gentle on the bed and started kissing her. He started unbuttoning his shirt and she grabed for his pants. After his closes were shed, he began ridding Hilde of her shirt and pants. They just stared at each other's naked form for awhile. Hilde saw how buff Duo actually was. With his close on, she could never tell, but now staring at him she saw a perfect male body from head to toe. It was all she thought he would look like. Hilde grinned in excitement. Duo admired Hilde's almost perfect form. She was just a tade bit too thin, and he made a note to himself that he would make sure to put some more meat on her bones. Other then that, she had a body to kill. And it was soon going to be all his.

They attacked each other again, feeling and caressing every inch of their bodies. Both in total bliss of excitement. After Duo had explored every inch of Hilde's body with his tongue, he looked at her with concern.

"Is this what you want? I won't proceed any further if you don't want me too." He asked.

Hilde ran her fingers through his scattered hair. She looked at him with wild passion in her eyes. "Yes Duo, this is what I want. I've wanted this from you for a long time."

He smiled, "And I from you. I just didn't relies that until after I left you alone for those two weeks. I just wish I could have told you sooner. I love you, Hilde!"

"Oh Duo, I love you too! Now fuck me, before I go nuts."

Duo grined even wider at her words. He bent down and kissed her wildly. Getting her all hot and excited. He reached his hand down and inserted two fingers into her. Her warm liquids surrounded his fingers. This told him that she was ready. He readied his member at her opening. Hilde could feel slight pressure. This told her he was ready to submerge into her. With a little nod of her head, he slowly inserted himself into her. She winced a bit and tightened up. Duo could tell that Hilde felt the pain. He stop advancing and waited patiently. Once she relaxed a bit, he continued his advance. At first his thrust were slow and gentle, trying to ease her of the pain. Once he saw that she was over the pain, he sped up his thrust. Hilde arced her back as the sensation over whelmed her. She began to breath heavy and moan loader as Duo continued. Their bodies slapped together in a timed rhythm. Both of them were calling for each other as their climaxes almost reached their peeks. As his climax spilled over the edge, Duo gave out one last forceful thrust before spilling his seed deep inside her.

They both lie there, tangled in each other arms. The sweat and evidence of their lovemaking, smearing between them. Hilde looked deep into Duo eyes. She really did see his love in them.

"Oh God Duo, I've missed you. Welcome home."

"I'm glad to be home, with you. And now I'm never going to leave your side again."

With one final kiss, they drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each other.