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Due to the fact that I'm not getting any funding for this station, and I just plain don't have enough money to keep this radio station on the air, I have drastically reduced the number of tracks to more than half of what it was.  I did this to decrease the amount of space I use so I could go with the next size down pricing plan on Live365.  I didn't want to take the station off the air and disappoint all my loyal listeners.  So, unless I get funding or a better paying job, the amount of tracks this station is going to air will be left where it is.  I've maxed out the space capacity already, so I will NOT be taking anymore requests.  Also, I will no longer be airing "Dance Dance Fridays".

I really hope that this drastic change to The Anime Radio Nook won't make you stop listening.  I would hope that my loyal listeners will not abandon this station during its troubled time.  And I am working really hard to get this station its funding back on track, so I can continue to bring you all the very best in Anime music on the internet.  Thanks for listening and your support!

Sarah  - Anime Radio Nook Owner & DJ




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