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Konnichi wa and welcome to The Anime Radio Nook.  Here is where you can find the latest and greatest in Anime Music, J-Pop Music, and Dance Music.  We're also the home of Dance Dance Fridays!



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The Station Play List

Here is the current play list that you will hear on the station.


Dance Dance Fridays

Dance to your favorite Dance Dance Revolution Nonstop Megamix every Friday Night!
Two different Nonestop Megamixes each week!


The Dance Dance Fridays Play List

Here is the current play list that you will hear on the station.

(coming soon!)



Dance Dance Fridays
Do You Listen To Dance Dance Fridays?

Yes, every Friday Night!
Yes, only when I'm around.
Yes, but I only catch the last part of it.
No, not interested.
No, I'm never around when it's on.
No, it's on too early for me to listen.
Dance Dance what?

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Dance Dance Revolution Nonstop Megamixes
Which Dance Dance Revolution Nonstop Megamix is your Favorite?

2nd Mix
3rd Mix
4th Mix
5th Mix
6th Mix
7th Mix

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Request and Comment Book

Like a song?  Don't like a song?  Want to request a song?  Like the station?  Don't like the station?  Want me to improve the station?  Let me know!!!  Sign the Request and Comment Book.  I want to hear what you, the listener has to say!  ^_^


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