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Title: Rememberance
Pairings: 6x9, 13x9
Warnings: AU vampire fic with Angst & Sap (lemon in the future)
Author: Sarah


Chapter 2

As the years passed, I managed to grow up rather well despite all that had happened to me in the past. My brothers even managed to halt their evilness upon me as I grew up. At one point, they even started respecting me. However, that didn't mean that they had all of a sudden became my best friend. It just meant that they left me alone more often then not.

My father was hardly around during the rest of my up bringing. Most of the time he was out at the pub drinking or at the elite whorehouse, picking up some action. It wasn't unusual when he didn't come home for the night. During those times, I wished that he would wind up dead in some whore's bed. But he always managed to come back home and back into his office the next day.

I mostly kept to myself during those times of my initial up bringing. I taught myself, with a little help from the female servants, how to become a proper woman. Mostly, I taught myself how to become a wife and mother.

Crying. The sound of a baby crying can be heard. A young woman with long raven hair picks up the baby. She cradles the tiny infant in her arms to try and clam the cries. The woman smiles at the baby who is now starting to fall back asleep in her arms. Her sapphire eyes fill with delight at the sight of the now sleeping infant. The woman is now happy. She is finally complete. The pain is no more.

The dream kept playing in my head, every time I closed my eyes. The thought of me having a child was the center of my thoughts. It made the pain inside of me stop. It was something I had longed for since I could remember. It might have been because I lost my own mother at birth.

I had many suitors in my days. All prompt young lawyers, of course. It felt like they just wanted to be the one who took their boss' daughter's hand in marriage just to become part of the family. I saw through all of them. They didn't love me. They didn't even care. Just trying to get closer to the boss and a promotion. It seemed like every time I turned one down, another one was being introduce to me. It was more of a hassle then it was worth.

My father tried desperately to get my brothers to work for him as lawyers. He wanted them to succeed him, so that they could take over when my father finally died. However, they didn't want any part of it. At first, they did well. But as the days went on, they would skip out or not even show up. I guess that was why my father kept pushing lawyers at me as suitors. Who better to keep the family business going, then the husband of his only daughter? Finally, I just gave up looking for love and worried more about my dream. How was I ever going to achieve my dream, if I kept refusing suitors? Well, if my father was going to use me to get a successor, then I was going to use the successor. Nothing really mattered to me except my dream. I really didn't care about love, just a child.

As you can tell, my brothers never did make it as lawyers. In fact, they all become different things. Trowa ran off with a woman and joined a traveling circus. Duo decided to become a minister. And Quatre became a minstrel. Just how these things came about this way is still beyond me even to this very day.


One faithful Christmas eve when I was 17 years old, I was attending my father's annul Christmas parties for his business. The party was boring as usual and I had grown very wiry of it. Most of the people in attendance where lawyers who had their chances of becoming my father's successor shot down by me. I was about to leave the party, when I spotted a man standing by the fireplace whom I had never seen before. He was an interesting man. He stood very tall and proud. His sandy-blonde hair and blue eyes almost reminded me of what Sally had looked like. He turned his head and spotted me staring at him. With a gentle smile a crossed his lips, he started heading in my direction.

"Hello there, miss." He said in a deep baritone voice as he walked up to me.

I stood there speechless. Everything about this new fellow intrigued me. His eyes, his smile, his body posture. He was very prim and proper. He didn't seem like the others that were at the party.

"Oh. A shy one, aren't you." He said to me as he cracked another smile.

"Um. My name is Lucrezia." I almost whispered. I couldn't seem to get any words to come out of my mouth. I was in awe.

He took my hand and gently placed a kiss upon it. "My name is Treize Khushrenada. It is a pleasure to me you, Miss Lucrezia."

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Khushrenda." I said lightly as I stared into his eyes. "Please, just call me, Treize."

"Ah, Treize. I see you met my daughter, Lucrezia." My father beamed as he came up to join us. It seemed like anytime I was talking to someone new that I hadn't turned down before, my father was always there, trying to push me, or the lawyer I was with, to go out. But this time, I didn't even ponder that thought.

"Why, I didn't even know this was your daughter, Mr. Noin. I just saw this beautiful creature here staring at me and I just had to come over and introduce myself." He said to my father while he stared at me. I blushed.

"I'm sorry. I had never seen you before. I didn't mean to stare." I said turning away in embarrassment. Treize chuckled. "It's alright."

"Treize is one of my new lawyers. He just started last month, and he is already the top in the firm." My father said, gloating. "Already at 22 and he is out doing guys twice his age. I call this one a winner. Don't you think, Lucrezia?"

"Father, please." I hissed at him. I really didn't want to be embarrassed around this one. "I just met him."

"It's alright, Lucrezia. Your father didn't mean anything by it. Why don't we go out into the garden and get to know each other? I would really like that." Treize remarked with a twinkle in his eyes. I nodded. He smiled and took my hand. "Excuse us, Mr. Noin."

"Oh, by all means. You kids have fun." My father said with a wink as he patted Treize's back, and then went back to the party.

Treize took me out into the garden and we sat and talked the rest of the night. We got along so well, that I actually decided to start dating him weeks later. Why, do you ask, did I start dating this one and not any others? Why was this one different, then the rest? Well, I guess this one made me feel special. He made me feel like a person and not a promotion. He made me feel like I was wanted, instead of rejected. All of my life, I felt like my father and my brothers didn't really wanted me around. I felt more like a pest then a person. But Treize made me feel like he really wanted to be with me. This was the first time in my life that I actually dated someone, even a lawyer. I just kept turning them down. I just couldn't find any that really wanted to love me. But just when I stopped looking for love, love found me. Or so I thought.