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Title: Rememberance
Pairings: 6x9, 13x9
Warnings: AU vampire fic with Angst & Sap
Author: Sarah


Chapter 4

I got up and raced back to the bedroom to wake Treize up. He turned on the lamp next to the bed. He nearly gasped out from the sight of me.

"Treize." I gasped out again as I nearly collapsed on the floor from the pain.

"Oh my god, Lucrezia. What's the matter? Where'd all that blood come from?" He said practically leaping out of the bed to catch me.

"I…I don't know what's wrong." I said in a near whisper.

"Hold on, I'll have Hilde go fetch the doctor." Treize said running for the door. "Hilde, come in here quick!" He called out for our servant. Hilde came running in from the servant rooms down the other hallway.

"What's wrong Mr. Treize? Oh, my god! Miss Lucrezia!" She said running to me.

"Quick Hilde, go run and fetch Dr. Howard. And hurry."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Treize. Hold on Miss Lucrezia. It'll be ok." Hilde got up and run to fetch the doctor.

After Hilde left, Treize helped me back into the bed. At this point the pain was to intents for me to stand. This was hurting me far worse then my first sexual intercourse with Treize. The tears just kept rolling down my face. Treize could see that this was too much for me. He had grabbed the chair from across the room and placed it beside the bed where I lied so he could wait beside me for Dr. Howard. He grabbed my hand and held it tight.

"It'll be all right, Lucrezia. You are going to be just fine." Some how, I didn't believe him.

Hilde and Dr. Howard took forever to return. The pain had grown far worse. I felt like I was slipping out of conciseness. I pleaded for Dr. Howard to hurry. My pleads were answered when the door busted open and Dr. Howard and Hilde rush over to me.

"Ok, Miss Lucrezia. Hilde seems to be very worried about you. Let's take a look and see what I can find." Dr. Howard reached to pull back the covers that where rapped around me. He almost gasped out when he saw the blood on my nightdress and sheets.

"Oh, my. Hilde, could I ask a favor of you? Do you mind going and fetching the Midwife?

"No, sir, Dr. Howard." Hilde turned and darted back out the door and headed in the direction of the home of Iria, the midwife.

"The midwife?" I thought. "Why does the doctor need her? I'm not due fro another four months." I closed my eyes and pressed harder on Treize's hand. I wanted to make sure he was still there for me. "This can't be happening to me." I thought. All I really wanted was for Dr. Howard to give me some medicine and let me go back to sleep. But the pain kept reminding me that what was wrong with me was far greater then any medicine could cure.

Iria seemed to take forever before she finally reached me. She took one look at me and immediately ordered everyone out of the room except for Dr. Howard. I protested and stated that I wanted Treize to be by my side. Iria insured me that there was nothing for him to do. I was very scared. I had this bad sinking feeling that something was really wrong with my baby. I couldn't tell if it was fine or not. In fact, I couldn't feel anything inside of me. To tell the truth, I had felt anything from the baby in weeks. I thought, maybe it was in some growing state that made it not move for a while. However, I never would have thought something was going to be wrong with it. The thought now sunk in. It frightened me even more. My heart raced as fast as it could.

Iria started doing an exam on my abdomen, pressing and poking at it. I winced at every touch she made on me. The pain was enormous. At one poke, I squealed out in pain. Iria stepped back and started discussing some things with Dr. Howard. They kept their conversation to a whisper, as to not alarm me of my condition. I tried my best to hear what they were discussing, but they some how knew I was listening. After several minutes of conversation, Dr. Howard turned went to his medical bag in the corner of the room. Iria came to stand next to me.

"Don't worry, dear. We are going to help you." Oh thank god, I thought. Finally I was going to get better and go on to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Dr. Howard returned to my bedside with some strange looking equipment. Something that looked like a saw in one hand, and a syringe in the other. I stared at him with wide fearful eyes. What was he going to do? I started to question him.

"What's going on? What are you going to do with that? What's wrong with MY BABY?" I blurted out, scared half to death.

"It's all right Lucrezia. We just have to cut you open now. It will all be over soon." Iria told me in a comforting tone.

"NO! WHY? WHAT'S WRONG?" I screamed out in pure panic.

"Shh…Miss Lucrezia. Settle down now. This should help you relax." Dr. Howard said as he stuck the syringe in my abdomen and released it contents into my womb. I immediately went numb and was on the verge of un-conciseness. Iria took my hand as Dr. Howard put some towels around my swelled abdomen and began to cut me open. I could feel the saw ripping at my skin, but I was totally dazed and weak by then that all I could do was watch in horror. Dr. Howard reached into my abdomen and pulled out my whole world. It was lifeless. My dream was dead. He handed it to Iria, and she took the lifeless form and wrapped it in a towel. She went and took it out of the room. I felt the tears streak down my grief striking face. I closed my eyes and blacked out.


When I came too several hours later, I saw Dr. Howard and Treize in the midst of a heated discussion. Treize was quite upset about something. I had never seen Treize so mad before. It almost frightened me. I moaned as I tried to lift my head up.

"No Miss Lucrezia, you should just lay still now. No use trying to get up while your still weak." Hilde was next to me in Treize's chair. She had a weak smile on her face. She knew more then she was letting on to me.

"What's going on? What are they talking about?"

"Shh…now Miss Lucrezia. You should just stay still." Hilde wasn't going to tell me anything. I saw Treize look at me, then turn back to listen to Dr. Howard. He tried to explain something to Treize, but Treize just turned and walked out of the room. I stared at Dr. Howard with a puzzling look planted on my face. He could see that I was confused about the whole thing. What did he say to make Treize walk out so mad?

Dr. Howard turned towards me, and then gave out a sigh. I could see that he kept a troubled secret. He walked up next to the bed and sat down beside Hilde.

"Oh, Lucrezia. I don't know how to tell you this, dear…"

"What happened? What's wrong? Please Dr. Howard, you must tell me." I could feel myself holding back tears. But what he told me next just killed me. I mean literally killed me inside. He held my hand tightly as he spoke the words to me.

"My dear, you have a curtain condition that does not allow your uterus to grow along with a baby inside of you. What it basically does is, while the baby grows, the uterus will not. There is no room for the baby to grow if your uterus will not expand, so the baby is crushed to death. This is what happened in your case. So, to prevent any further miscarriages, if you happened to get pregnant again, I removed both of your ovaries. You are unable to have any children now."

I stared at him in a stunned expression. Did I just hear him right? He took away any more chances of having my dream. What was he trying to do to me? The thing I wanted the most in life, gone, just like that. I broke down.

"Lucrezia, I am so sorry about this. I had to do it."

"Your sorry?" I thought. "My dream, my whole life is now dead and all you could say is sorry." I was now burning with rage. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill everyone. I wanted to kill myself. Why should I have gone on living anymore? There was nothing left in my life to live for. My dream was dead and there was no way of ever having it come true. Treize. Maybe there was something to live for after all. I loved him, and I thought he loved me, but why wasn't he here beside me, to comfort me? As I continued to sob, I was puzzled. Where was he?


Hours after everyone left the room; I laid in the bed too hurt to move. Not only physically, but emotionally. I hadn't slept a wink since I had woken up from the operation. I stared at the clock on the other side of the room. 11:53 a.m. it read. The room was in darkness. All the shades in the room were drawn to block any light from creeping in from the outside. But some how, I could read the clock perfectly. To this every day, I still don't know how I was able to read it perfectly from across the room.

By now I had stopped crying. I may have stopped crying on the outside, but my heart still wept. The door opened slightly and Treize walked in. He stared at me for a while, then proceeded across the room to the chair next to me. He sat there and stared at me. He had been drinking. I could tell. Treize grabbed my hand and held it in his for a while. He reeked of cheep alcohol. I gazed into his eyes. He had been crying. Never since I met Treize did I see him cry. He seemed to have kept it from me. I felt really upset for him. He was now never going to be a father. A dream he himself wanted along with me. Treize dropped my hand, then got up and walked out of the room. That was the last time Treize ever showed any affection towards me.

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