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Title: Rememberance
Pairings: 6x9
Warnings: AU vampire fic.  LEMON!
Author: Sarah Ü


Chapter 6

When conciseness finally came back to me, I found that it was very hard to open my heavy eyelids.  An orangish color seeped into them as light and warmth poured on to my face.  It was morning.  I forced my lids open and stared up at the decrepit ceiling in my room.  I was in my bed.  Vaguely, I remembered the details from the night before.  It all seemed like a dream to me.  I sat up in a daze.  It had to have been.  I yawned as I pulled back the comforter to step out of bed.  Looking down, I was shock to find myself still wearing the same dress as the night before.  A closer examination of it showed the dress had been torn, and was covered with blood.  It hadn’t been a dream after all.  Someone had carried me home and put me in bed after I fainted.  But who?  Then it came to me. 

“That man,” I said to myself.  “He must have brought me back home after he killed the ones who had attacked me.  But why?  Why didn’t he kill me like the others?  Why was my life speared and not theirs?  True, they almost killed me, but still.”  I shook my head.  “I guess I will never know.”  I got up off the bed and journeyed down the stairs for some breakfast.

Later that night, as I was in my living room reading a book, a sudden knock came from my front door.  It startled me at first.  It took me a minute to relies that someone was actually knocking on the door.  Curiously, I went to answer it.  I opened the door and stared with wide eyes.  What was standing at my door shocked me greatly.  It was my mystery man.  The one who had stared at me from the street a week ago.  He looked even more gorgeous up close, then from my bedroom window.  His long platinum blonde hair shimmered in the vast moonlight.  His deep ocean blue eyes were more breath taken then anything I had ever seen in my entire life.  He was the most beautiful creature in the entire world.  And he was standing at my front door. 

“C…c..an I he…lp y..ou, sir?”  I asked with a stutters.  I couldn’t seem to get the words out of my mouth.

“Lucrezia.”  He said in a deep rich baritone voice that made me shiver when he spoke.   My name?  He had said my name.  He actually knew my name was Lucrezia.  I was shocked.

“How..d.o…you  know…my…name?  I stuttered the question again.

“Please, may I come in?”

I nodded and stepped to the side to let him in.  I felt shivers as he walked past me.  This man had some kind of an effect on me.  Just being around him, made my knees feel weak.

“Who..ar..e…you..?”  I asked still in awe of this man who was walking around my front room, studying it.  He didn’t answer me.  Instead he walked right out of the front room and into my living room.  I followed him.  

The stranger sat on the sofa, that I had just occupied only moments before, and looked straight at me.  I went and sat across from him in my armchair.  By the way he was staring at me, I knew he had something he had been waiting to tell me for a long time.

“Lucrezia,” he began softly.  “I have been watching you for sometime now.  I’ve seen what you have recently gone through and it has troubled me.”

“Why…why have you been watching me?”  I interrupted him.

“That is nothing to be concerned about now.  What is to be concerned about now is you.  You, who have gone through so much in these last few weeks.  I’ve been waiting for you at just the right time; waiting for you since the first time I laid eyes on you.  And now, now is that right time.”

I was shocked.  Why was this man waiting for me?  Had he seen what had happen between Treize and I?  But he couldn’t have seen that?  The only time I had ever seen this man before, was the night I came back to this house after leaving my old home with Treize.  “…since the first time I laid eyes on you…” And then maybe that one time before when I was young, but it couldn’t be the same man.  “…laid eyes on you…”  His eyes.  His beautiful, ocean blue eyes.  Those eyes, that just seemed to melt my very soul.  I then realized I wasn’t scared of this man.  I was just really glad that he was in my house.  As for waiting for me, well that just made the whole thing even more exciting.

He got off the sofa and knelt down next to the chair I was in.  He took my hand and held it into his.

“Lucrezia, I know you hurt very much deep down inside, so I have come to take you with me.”  He kissed my hand softly.

I gave him a puzzled look and asked, “Take me?  Take me where?  What do you me by this?”

“You have been hurting for the past 14 years, now is the right time.”

“Time for what?”  I asked.

“To leave this life and give you a new one, a better one.  Since the first time I saw you when you were 8 years old, I knew you were the one I was looking for.  I could sense that you had a lot of hurt inside of you and that you were fed up with your existence.  That you wanted to disappear from the world.  However, you were too young at that time to take you with me, so I waited until the right time.  This last week was the right time.  When I saw you again, I knew you were ready.  I was going to come to you last night, but you had some trouble.  I had to help you before those thieves took you away from me.  After killing them, I was going to confront you, but you had fainted.  I brought you back here and put you to bed.  I waited by your side for you to wake up,” he looked down, “but you never woke up in time.  I had to leave you.”

He lifted his head back up and stared into me again.  “So I came for you tonight.  This is why I am here.”  

It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.  This was the same man from my childhood, this was the same man I saw last week, and this was the same man who killed my attackers last night.  How else could he have known about all of those things?  It still made no sense, but some how it actually did.  The command appearance by both strangers from my past was indeed the same man. This man, who wanted to take my meaningless life and give me a new one.  What kind of life would it be?  It had to be better then the one now.  Anything was better than this one.

“This new life you talk about, will…” I paused,  “will it be better then my life now?”

He looked straight into my eyes and gave me a smile.  “Yes.”

I was in so much pain, and here was someone who was going to take that pain away.  This was someone I truly wanted to be with.  Someone who was actually concerned about me, and nothing else.  For the first time in a very, very long time I felt wanted, needed.  And now I was getting a chance to get rid of the pain that I have endured my whole life.  I sighed happily deep down inside.  I started to cry.  He lifted his hand up and stroked my raven hair.  I looked into his eyes and nodded yes.

“So, you want to come with me?”

I nodded again.  He stood before me and took my hand again.  He helped me out of the chair and led me off.

“What is your name?”  I asked as he led me up the stairs to my bedroom.

“Zechs.  Zechs Merquise.”


Zechs brought me to my bed, and then sat me down.  He got on the bed and sat down facing me.  He started to stroke the side of my face.  I closed my eyes just letting him feel me.  I lifted my own hand and started to run my fingers through his long platinum blonde hair.

“What are you, Zechs?”  I asked with my eyes still closed.  I was so mesmerized by his touch that what he answered next didn’t even faze me.

“I’m a vampire.”

I opened my eyes.  He stared into them.  He then cupped my face with his hands and kissed me, deeply.  I returned his kiss with such passion.  I wanted this.  I so wanted this.  I was hungry for this man.  The robe that I was wearing didn’t put up much of a fight as it easily slipped from my shoulders with one push from his hand.  I was now fully exposed to him.  We continued to kiss as I help Zechs out of his shirt and pants.  Our hands explored every inch of our newly exposed skin.  He pushed me down on the bed and laid on top of me.  We broke away from our kiss, as Zechs made is way from my mouth to my neck.  I started to moan with desire.  His kisses were so passionate that I was very hot inside.  I had never felt anything like this before in my life.  This was nothing like the only time Treize and I had gotten intimate the night of our wedding.  Was this what all the female servants meant?  Was this what I was suppose to feel?  God, I was hoping so.  He started suckling my neck.  With the pressure I squeezed my eyes shut, and moaned deeply.  He ran his sharp teeth over the soft skin, and without pause, sank them into it.  I let out a loud and deep cry.  Not from the pain, but from the release I had built up inside.  I was now under his complete control.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and he wasted no time by finding his way inside of me.  At first the rhythm was slow and steady, just letting our bodies get acquainted with each other.  After a while our pace sped up.  I raked my nails into his back as he continued to drink from my neck.  Zechs then pulled his head back and let the blood flow freely from my body, mixing with our sweat.  He cried out my name as he still slammed into me, coming in huge spasms within me.  Our climaxes had almost reached their peaks as Zech’s orgasm joined my own.  I quivered as he released himself deep inside me, my legs twitching behind his back.  Now this was what it was suppose to be like on the night of my wedding.  Covered with sweat and blood, we held each other close, still shaking slightly.  I kissed Zechs again as he pulled out of me.

“That was amazing.”  I said, trying to catch my breath.

“I bet your ex-husband never did anything like that for you.”  Zechs replied, smirking.

“I don’t think he even knows how.”  I giggled.

Zechs bent down and licked at the wound he had made on my neck, making them freeze up so no more blood could escape from them.  At least half of my blood had drained out while we made love.  Some of it had spilled onto the bed.

“Am I a vampire yet?”  I asked.

“No, my dear, you are only half way there.  This was only the first stage.”  Zechs stated.  “I will let you have one more time to enjoy the daylight before it completely disappears from your new life.  Tomorrow night, I will return to you to finish the rest.”

He put his clothes back on and was about to get off the bed when I grabbed his arm.  He turned to me.  I smiled.

“Thank you Zechs.”

He gave me one last deep kiss, then got up and headed for the door.  “Until tomorrow.  Please be careful.”

Then he disappeared into the night, leaving me complete naked and bloody.  I was vulnerable to any that wished to take my life from me before Zechs could give me another.