Now you can't have a Contest without Rules.   They are as follows:


1. Fics and Art must be about the period of History currently being done.

2. Fics and Art can be any type of pairings (Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai) or no pairings at all and can be any situation (Lemon, Lime, Sap, Angst...)

3. Crossovers are allowed, but do keep in mind that judges might not know the about the series being crossed over.

4. Limit 3 Fics and Art by one Author.

5. Send entries in txt., doc., bif., gif., & jpeg formats to Please include:
Your Name (pen)
E-mail address
Pairing (if any)
Warnings and any comments

6. All entries must be completed by the close of the contest. All non completed entries by the time the contest ends will be dismissed.

7. There will be Two winners from each category chosen. Winners will get winning badges.



Current Contest:   The Renaissance.  CONTEST IS NOW CLOSEDThanks to all who entered!  Winners will be announced SOON!



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