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Title: The World Is Not Enough
Chapter:  1

Based: From the Music Video, "The World Is Not Enough" by Garbage
Pairings: All
Warnings: Angst, Death, & Mystery
Author: Sarah


    Dressing Room, Grand Colonial Theatre, Brussels, A.C. 200

Catherine Bloom had been really excited the day the associates from the Grand Colonial Theatre in Brussels approached her and asked if she would sing at an upcoming diplomatic event for the World and Colony leaders. She had just gotten back to her home, from a long performance on L5, when they sought her out. It had taken her by surprise. She thought, *Me sing?* She explained to them that she was only a mere circus performer and didn't really sing well enough to do a diplomatic event. The associates smiled at each other and told Catherine that they did hear sing during one of her performance and instantly wanted her to sing for the upcoming event. They then sweetened the offer some more, and she instantly accepted the job. Satisfied, the associates walked out.

That had been more then three months earlier. And it was now less then one hour before show time. The diplomats had already started to arrive. Including Foreign Minster Relena Darlian Yuy, Vice Foreign Minster Quatre Raberba Winner, Perventer Leader Lady Une, and a number of other diplomats, their spouses, and dates. Catherine had been so busy getting herself ready for this monumental event, that she didn't notice a figure slip into her dressing room. Catherine was so flushed with nerves that it had made her usually creamy colored face almost beat red. She was to busy adding more blush and make-up to her face, that when she did finally notice the figure standing behind her staring into the same mirror with her, she nearly jumped right out of her seat. At first she only stared at the figure through the mirror, then she suddenly turned to look at them. Her eyes went wide. Shock and fear rushed to her. Not only was she facing this new stranger, but she was also staring down the barrel of a silencer attached to a gun, pointed straight at her. The stranger didn't hesitate and fired the gun right between Catherine's eyes. She dropped to the floor, dead. The stranger stared at her and giggled. It then immediately started gathering Catherine's performance gown and jewelry and began to put them on. When finished, the stranger looked at her self in the mirror. What stared back from that mirror was Catherine's reflection, grinning. A knock came from the dressing room door and a voice called out.

"20 minutes, Ms. Bloom."

"Alright, I'll be out soon!" Catherine called back.


    Laboratory Room, in an abandon warehouse, Brussels, two weeks earlier

Five shadowy figures loom over a slab in the middle of a cluttered laboratory. On the table are scattered mechanical parts and wires. Their main focus is on the largest piece of mechanical equipment in the shape of a human female's upper torso. Several of the figures attach wires and test other parts of the torso making sure they are in working order. The smallest, and obviously the brains of the five, walks over to the torso carrying what looks to be a robotic human head. As he approaches, the dim lights from above are reflected in his glasses. He is grinning wildly. The other four acknowledge him and step away from the table. He moves forward and places the head on top of the torso. He turns to his comrades for their approval. The others nod in agreement. This was definitely one of their best creations. Not even the gundams could compare to this stunning piece of sophisticated equipment. The tallest of the five, reaches into the head and flips a switch. The eyes suddenly open and come to life. The one sporting a mustache takes the red haired wig from the other table and places it on top of the head, covering the wires and buttons that are inside.

"A remarkable similarity. No one will suspect a thing." The one with big hair and a long nose says to the others.

"That is precisely the plan, G." The smallest one with glasses comments back.

"Who would have thought building an android for this plan would be such a great idea." States the tallest one.

"How else would we get the bomb into a heavily guard theatre where very important leaders will be attending, O? We can't just leave it in there. Someone will definitely find it before it goes off and then the whole plan is ruined. This is the only way." The smallest one remarks back to the one called O, while in search of something among the scattered parts.

"I agree with J. This is the only way to safely get the bomb into the building. And I have to admit, this has to be our finest work yet." The one with the mustache, calling himself H, says to the others.

"I agree." G says. "And it is a little more complicated making an android, then a mobile suit. But the challenge is worth it. As long as we get our revenge."

The others nod in agreement.

"But one thing I don't understand. How did you ever get Catherine Bloom to do the concert?" The last one, calling himself S, asked confused?

"We just gave her an offer she couldn't refuse." J stated to S while returning back to the table with a small cylinder looking object in his mechanical claw. He places the cylinder into the middle of the open part of her back. After pushing a few buttons, the cylinder begins to light up. He closes the hatch up and steps away. "Let's test her out, shall we?"

"What is your name?" G asks the android.

"My name is Catherine Bloom." She states, grinning.


   Outside of the Grand Colonial Theatre, an hour and a half before show time

Relena sighs, as she takes the hand of one of his bodyguards and steps out of the car. "Why does he insist on having all of these bodyguards around for me?" She asks herself.  "It is starting to get annoying."

Heero emerges from the car right after her. He walks up to her and she then takes his extended arm and they begin to walk down a red carpet that will lead them to the entrance of the theatre.

"Heero, why must those bodyguards of yours follow us everywhere we go?"

"It is for your protection, Relena." He states.

"You are my husband. Shouldn't that be protection enough? No one would dare mess with the great Heero Yuy. I don't think this "extra" protection is necessary."

"Hey Heero, Relena…wait up!" A familiar voice calls them from behind. Duo Maxwell, along with his very pregnant wife Hilde, starts to walk faster to catch up to Heero and Relena.

They stop to wait for Duo and Hilde, when Heero turns to Relena. "We will discuses this later. I do not want to argue in front of Duo and Hilde."

"Alright, Heero."

"Hey, thanks for waiting for us guys. I don't want to face those reporters alone." Duo says, pointing to the mob of reporters gathered at the entrance to the theatre interviewing every diplomat as they enter.

"I hate reporters." Heero expresses with a cold glare. "I wish they would mind their own business."

"Well, that's the life of a diplomat and her ex-gundam pilot, war hero husband. You should be uses to this by now Heero." Hilde comments with a grin.

"I'm not."

"Come on. Let's get this over with so we can get inside the theatre. I can't wait to here Catherine sing." Relena says pulling on Heero's arm to start them moving again. The four walk as slowly as possible towards the entrance and towards the anxious mob ahead.


"Thank you, Senator Talous. Enjoy the concert."

Reporter Rachel Winters gives the old senator a smile as he leads his wife towards the door. This part of her job she loved. Getting to interview the big diplomats before a hugh event also made her job of being a reporter an eventful one. She loved to pry their big secrets from them. And she was very good at it. Which made a lot of the World and Colony diplomats hate her most of all. Yep, she loved every minute of it. Rachel looked down the carpet and saw her next victims. A large grin spread across her face.

"Foreign Minister Relena Darlian Yuy and her ex-gundam pilot husband, Heero Yuy!  Oh this is going to be a treat." she told herself.

"Harry, get ready. I'm not missing this opportunity." Rachel slugged at her video camera man.

The minute Heero saw Rachel Winters face, he tried as hard as he could to lead Relena in a different direction, but it was far too late. Ms. Winters was already on the prowl.

Moving in closer, she went in for the kill, "Madam Foreign Minister, could we have a few comments from you?" she asked in her sweet innocent T.V. voice. Relena tried to look away, but Rachel stuck her microphone right in her face. Heero glared at the annoying women.

"Ahh…sure Ms. Winters. I am very excited about this concert. It is going to be a good one." Relena stated hesitantly. She didn't want to say anymore then she had to, for this woman was known by her "prying into other's affairs" reputation. Relena was not about to revel anything to her.

"I see. Now tell us, Foreign Minister Darlian, you know the singer, Ms. Catherine Bloom, personally. Is there anything you would like to add or maybe tell the viewing audience a little something about her?" Rachel asked with a wink. Upon hearing the question asked, Heero got angry and started pulling Relena away.

"This interview is over." He stated firmly to the reporter.

"Well wait. Mr. Yuy, is there anything you would like to add? She asked Heero, trying to get the microphone as close to him before he could step away from her.

"Omae o Korosu!" Was all Heero said, before pulling Relena away and headed for the doors.

"I wonder what that was all about?" Rachel asked her cameraman. Harry just shrugged.

Duo grabbed Hilde's arm and tried to lead her away before Rachel noticed them, but he wasn't lucky. She had her microphone in his face before he even knew what happened.

"Preventer agent Duo Maxwell, the audience would just love to hear your comments on tonight's concert. Mind giving us a few words? She asked him in her sweetened voice.

Hilde glared at the woman, but Rachel didn't seem to notice her. She just kept batting her eyes at Duo. He noticed how friendly Rachel was getting and how angry it was making Hilde, so he opted to get Hilde out of there before her hormones kicked in and they would have one dead reporter in front of them.

"Ah…sorry Ms. Winters. No time for an interview today. Gotta get Hilde off of her feet as soon as possible." He said to Rachel as he gave a cheesy grin. "Doctor's orders…you know."

At Duo's words, Rachel turned her microphone on Hilde and looked at her confusedly. "Oh, Mrs. Maxwell. Would you like to tell us anything about your pregnancy? Any complications at this point in time?"

Hilde's face suddenly turned beat red and she went to throw a punch at the hated woman, but before she could land a blow to her, Duo's quick reflexes intercepted Hilde's punch with his hand. Rachel stared at Hilde stunned. She didn't quite register what had just happened. Duo grabbed Hilde and fled to the theatre doors, leaving behind one stunned reporter.

"Ah Harry. What just happened?" Rachel asked, not even blinking.

"You almost got punched in the face by Hilde Maxwell."

"That's what I thought." She stopped for a moment, than screamed. "THAT BITCH!! HOW DARE SHE TRY TO HIT ME!?"


    At the same moment

A small black car pulls up to the rear of theatre, and it's driver steps out. Dressed in a black trench coat, she slips into the back stage area and heads down the long corridor to the dressing rooms. She finds the door marked, "CATHERINE BLOOM" and stands there a moment, grinning. She remembers what her creators had said to her, before they sent her to the theatre.

"You are carrying an important device inside of you, my dear. Handle yourself with care. And don't forget, you are the star. Knock them dead!"  She pictures the other's grinning evilly as G's words play through her mind. She was the star. And it was now time to make her dramatic entrance. With one last caress of her abdomen, she readies her gun and slips quietly into the dressing room.