Wing Throughout The Ages

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've decided to shut down the contest.  I want to thank everyone who has entered in all 3 contests.  It was a good run while it lasted!  I hope everyone enjoyed reading the fanfiction entries and enjoyed looking at the fanart entries.  Maybe sometime in the near future I can open up this contest again!  Well, thanks again to all who have participated and who have visited during the contests run!!


~*~  Sarah-sensei  ~*~



To:  Espy Rae, Kat Faye, Rachel & Dogmatix

Please take this award for your hard work on the Renaissances Contest.
I'm sorry I never got around to judging this contest.  To me, all of
you are winners!  I hope you enjoy it!! 








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THE DISCLAIMER:   Sorry to say, but I don't own Gundam Wing.  Although I can wish, can't I?   They are property of the nice people of Sotsu, TV Asahi, Sunrise & Bandai.   This is a fan base contest and is for entertainment purposes only.  Please do not sue me,  for I own nothing except three muses (and believe me, you don't want them).

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