Updated on 18-Jun-02

Yeah!!  Another new section.  I decided to make an updates section to make it easier for you all to find out what I updated on.  This section will let you know what is new every time I update!!  It is a lot easier, let me tell you.


New for this Update!!

*waves*  Hi!  Remember me?  I'm the Webmistress for this website.  Well,  you probably don't remember me because I haven't updated in like a year but trust me I do run this website.  *cricket...cricket...cricket...*  And by the looks of things you guys didn't wait for me to return.  Hey, I don't blame yeah.  But anyways, for those that are still here, I'M BACK!  No, really I'm back.  Don't laugh.  I do have a reason for not being here.  I just got a new computer and the transformation of information from one computer to the other took forever and a day.  And the other reason is because of my job.  Being a Store Manager takes all of my time and I get no free time to do anything I like.  Like updating this website.  But I'm going to make an effort to at least update this site once a month.  I'm trying.  With that said, that brings me to the updates.

Um, don't kill me but there isn't any except for me checking in with all of you.  I really didn't have anything plan but to tell you that I'm back.  So the next update will defiantly have lots of stuff.  So stay tuned!

Yeah, thanks to the 4300 hentais who've enjoyed my site!  *bowes*

Well, that's all!!  Until next time!!  ~_^


Updates for 31-Aug-01!!

Hi There!!  Long time no update!!  Things have been going good.  Not to much is happening right now.   No big exciting things have happened.   So I won't bore you this update with mindless little chit-chat.  And with that said, the updates!!

New button on the Main page, if you haven't already seen it.  It is for my on going Fan Art/Fan Fic Contest entitled, Wing Throughout The Ages.  It is a History contest for any history buff fic writers and artists.  Check it out, we might be on an age in history you might be interested in!!

And this brings me to our next update.  I have split the Gallery into 3 sections.  The first section is the standard Image gallery, while the second section is for Fan Art and the third is for Doujinshi scans.  The aren't open yet, but I will be putting my own drawings plus other artists' work up.  Do check it out when it finally opens (next update, I hope).

Finally won some Fan Fiction contests.  My awards are in the Awards section.  Find out which of my fics are winners!!  See, I told you I would eventually win some!!  ~_^

Well, that's all for this update!!   Until next time!!


Updates for 04-Jul-01!!

*WAVES*  Happy Fourth of July!!  WOW... it has surtainly been awhile.  How have you all been??  I know, I know, you guys probably hate me for not updating in over 2 months, but come on, I've got a life too.  A lot has happened to me since my last update.  I went to Anime Central in May and met Kirby Morrow & Scott McNeil!!  I got their autographs too!!  ^_^   I got a new job and a new car.  I am now a Store Manager for FuncoLand.  If you don't know what FuncoLand is, it is a retailer that sells new and used video games.  I have been doing my lines for the TTDSDG radio drama and other things.  Also, I have just recently won a Gundam Wing trivia contest out of the Toy Fare, Inquest, & Wizard Magazines.  I won over $1000 worth of Gundam merchandise, including a Playstation 2 system!!  Let me tell you, I was very surprise.  If you would like to see a picture of me and all the stuff I won from that contest, CLICK HERE!!  As you can see, I have been very busy and haven't had time to update at all.  This is the first chance I got in a long while.  The update isn't much, but hey it's something.   Right?  Oh, and I probably won't have time to update before or much after my birthday.  My birthday is on July 12th, and I'm going to be 23!!  Yeah!!   So, if you want to drop me an e-mail saying happy birthday, I'd love it!!  Ok, enough said, on to the updates!! 

Oh, one more thing, over 1950 corrupted!!  Thanks everyone for visiting, and don't forget to sign the guestbook before leaving!!  ~_^  *big glomp to all*

Well, I'm not going to lie to you guys, but I don't have a lot.  A few new Links are up in the Links section.   Check them out!!

In the Awards section, there are a few new Contest Participation banners up.  I'm really really really trying to win a Fic Contest, but I haven't won one yet.  It's kinda sad, I know, but I'm really trying.  Lately I feel my muses aren't at their best.  Oh, well, it might be from the new job.  Things will get better, I know!!

I know that's not a lot, but I do have a bunch of things planned for my next update.  Well, until then!!

That's all for this update!!   Until next time!!


Updates for 01-Apr-01!!

Ok, don't think that just because I updated on April Fools Day, that I am giving you guys an April Fools.  Well, I'm not.   I know I promised a lot of stuff in the last update, but to tell you the truth, I'm very busy.  With a friends birthday coming up, updating this site, printing out pages of TTDSDG for another friend, work, and getting ready to go to Anime Central in May, I'm one very busy girl.  Believe me, I WILL get the TTDSDG Radio drama section and Multi Media section up ASAP.  Plus I'm working on a whole new section, an add on.   It's going to be like two websites in one.  So, you should be on the look out for that.  I tell yeah, busy...busy...busy!!

Ok, enough babble.  Lots and Lots of new Fanfics are up in the Fan Fiction section.  Another one by yours truly!!   I won't list them all, so you will have to visit the Fan Fiction section and read them!!

ONE, let me repeat, ONE new commercial.  I need some more.  Please send me more!!

I know this doesn't seem a lot, but that is all for now.  It took me quite a while to get these up.  I am always working on this site, so you know that every time I do update, there is always something new.

One last thing, I've gotten over 1000 hits!!!  Yeah, I've messed the minds of over 1000 hentais!!  I RULE!!   Thank you all!!  *bows*

That's all for this update!!   Until next time!!


Updates for 06-Mar-01!!

Yeah, I know it has been awhile since my last update, but hey I got busy.  This update also took me forever to do, plus I'M STILL NOT DONE.  Oh well, you got to wait until next time.

Ok, first of all you probably noticed a new button on the Main page.  And if you haven't already gone there out of sheer curiosity, it is my Awards page.  That must mean I got an award in something.   That's right, I did!!  I got my first site award!!  YEAH!!  Someone likes my site!!  The Awards page will also host any fic awards I happen to get, but it will probably be blank for awhile for I feel I won't win any contests.  Oh well, if I do happen to get any, they will be there!!

Sorry, no new commercials for this update.  I don't know why, but people have stopped sending me commercials.  You, yes you, start sending them.  I need more commercials.  Thank you!

2 brand new fics are up in the Fan Fiction section.  The new ones are by me.  The first is the sequel to my resent fic, "Ojos Asi", entitled "Estoy Aqui (I Am Here)".  The second one is called "The World Is Not Enough".  It is a murder mystery.  Be sure to check both those out.

Also, 3 new links are up in the Links page.  Go visit them.  They are cool!!

And please keep the Guestbook signatures coming!!

That's all for this update!!   Until next time!!  (Which I hope to have more stuff up, like my long awaited Multi Media section & TTDSDG Radio Drama page!!)


Updates for 11-Feb-01!!

Hey all!!  Happy early Valentines Day.  Hope you all have someone special for that special day.  I've got my muses.  Oh joy.

Well, to start off, I've got a sweet little Valentines Day fic up in the Fan Fiction section.  It's called Ojos Asi (Eyes Like You) by yours truly.  It a great 3x4 fic and my first attempt at Shounen Ai.  So please let me know what you guys think!!

Next, we got a really great "Teaser Poster" for the upcoming fic, TTDSDG2 on the main page.  That's right, the squeal is in the works.  YEAH!!!  I can hardly wait.  Click on the poster and it will take you to the TTDSDG website, that is also in the works.

3 new Commercials are up in the Gundam W Commercials section.  Check them out.  Also, please submit more.   I want more!!

And don't forget to check out the 3 new links sites up in the Links section.  Especially Fablespinner's new Fan Art site.   All of her most recent Hentai Fan Art.  It's to drool over!!

That's all for this update!!   Until next time!!


Updates for 02-Feb-01!!

Happy Groundhog Day!!!  Let's hope mister Ground hog didn't see his shadow.  I'm sick of winter already.  I don't think I could handle 6 more weeks of this crap.  IT'S TOO DAME COLD HERE!!!!!

Anyways, now for the updates.   8, count them, yes 8 NEW commercials in the Gundam W Commercials section.   Yeah!!  Keep them coming!!!  And these ones are real knock outs!!!   A must to check out!!

Also, last but certainly not lease, Image Gallery 3 is NOW OPEN!!!  More pictures to drool over!!

That's all for this update!!   Until next time!!


Updates for 30-Jan-01!!

I'm back from my vacation!!   Yeah!!  So if you need to e-mail me, I'm here!! 

Gallery 2 of my Image Gallery is now open, however, Gallery 3 is still closed.  I should have it up in a few days.

If you haven't been to the "Meet My Muses" section lately, I now have a picture of my muse, Ze-vamp.   He is sooooo kawaii.  Go check him out!!  Also up, is a wonderful picture of my muse, Hee-vamp, that Jmi did for me!!  *hugs Jmi*  She drew the most kawaii picture of Hee-vamp ever!!!  You must check that out!!

A new fic is up in the Fanfiction section entitled "A Short Tale of Two Cousins" by Lady Orla.  It is a side story to the monster fic: "Test Tubes, Dragon Spawns and Demi Gods" (which Lady Orla co-authored) .   It takes a look into the early life of Elizabeth Noventa, my favorite character from TTDSDG!!  I recommend it!!

In the Miscellaneous section, check out "Gundam W Commercials".  These are some of the funniest things I've ever read.  It's your favorite commercials, Gundam Wing style!!  Check it out!!

2 new links are up in the Links section.

Also, a quick note.  Anytime there is something new in this site, I will be marking them with this little new icon (new2.gif (103 bytes)).  So be on the look out for this kawaii little icon!!

And one last thing before you go, PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE...sign my guestbook!!

That's all for this update!!   Until next time!!



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