Commercial:  Cereals
Author:  Fablespinner


Duo digging through cabinets...

Duo:  Man I'm hungry, what's for breakfast!?  Life Cereal?  Hummm, should I try it?  I don't wanna try it!  Hey I know let's get Heero, he hates everything!

Puts bowl of Life cereal infront of drowsy eyes Heero

Duo:  Hey he likes it!   Hey HeerO! (goes to get box and pur bowl for himself)

Heero(levels gun) That's MY cereal Baka!  Eat it and Omae o Korosu!

Duo: (Sweatdrop)

digs through cabinet...

Duo:  Hey!  Rabbit!   Trix are for Kids!

Wufei(rips box out of Duo's hands)  And those are mine Baka!

Duo(whimper)   But all that's left are Grape Nuts!

Trowa:  And THOSE are mine.

Quatre(over his tea cup)   Looks like the God of Death needs to go grocercy shopping!

Duo:  Yup!  Gotta catch me lucky charms!