Gundam W Commercials


This was a game that started on my mailing list.  Each author thought up a commercial (past or current) and put the G-Boys & Girls in them.  What turned out, is the most hilarious commercials ever.  I would just rather see these commercials than the original ones.   If you come up with a commercial, please feel free to send them to me!!

SUBMIT a commercial!!


Disclaimer:  None of the authors owns the G-Boys, G-Girls & commercial.  We had nothing better to do.  Please don't sue us!!  It's just for fun!!  ^_^


Anna Campbell's Soup
GEICO Insurance
Optimun Online
Asher Cross Discovery Channel
GEICO Insurance
Fablespinner Cereals
Mountain Dew
Taco Bell
Tootsie Pop
Turtle Wax
Janai Fabric Softner
Jmi Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Legacy Pepsi
Miyaka Zest Soap
Nemkess Bud Light
Drug Free
Herbal Essence Body Wash
Peygan Ballpark Franks
Coppertone Sunlotion
Disney Land
R-chan Master Card
Saishi 1-800-FLOWERS
Got Milk?
Sara M & M's
Master Card
Meow Mix
York Peppermint Patties
Sarah Pepsi
Traykor Got Milk?



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