Commercial:  GEICO Insurance
Author:  Asher Cross


A large, debris-riddled battlefield. Surrounded by enemy Mobile Suits, the Gundam Deathscythe braces itself for battle.

Inside the cockpit, Duo Maxwell grits his teeth, preparing for battle. He gives out a scream of rage, and while his eyes are fixated on the enemy, he slams his index finger down on a button--

Alarms blare.

The perplexed Duo looks around until he finally finds the problem--

He looks down to see his finger pressed down on the 'Self-Destruct' Button. The computer counts down from 5 as Duo gives a corny, exaggerated 'oh-gosh' shrug...

Announcer:  At least you'll feel smart when your Mobile Suit insurance bill arrives...

at '0' our vision fades to white, and the 'GEICO' logo appears with the cute little jingle and the gecko struts into view, and licks its eye and shrugs...