Commercial:  Fabric Softner (The Quest for Softness)
Author:  Janai


Heero is in the Preventer Laundry Room putting his lucky black spandex shorts in the washer.

Duo(pops his head in)   Yo Heero, we gotta go!

Heero nods in response and leaves the Laundry Room.  Wing Zero is in the middle of a battle when all of a sudden...

Heero:   OH SHIT!!!

Wing Zero flys full speed back to Preventer HQ.   Heero grabs the bottle from behind his seat and jumps down from the cockpit.   Running at full speed in the hanger, he jumped on a table and over Howards head.   He ran over some poor techician who was coming in the door, slaming him into the wall.  He ran across the compound and into the Administration Building where he knocked over Lady Une who was carrying a cake for the Peace Celebration.  She damn near reverted back to her Oz personality just so she could kick his ass.  He cut through the meeting room where a bunch of diplomats where arguing over who had the best plan.  Heero ran across the table where their plans where displayed.  Needless to say after Heero left the diplomats couldn't argue over who had the best plan because there were no plans left.  He burst through the back door making a dash across the athletic field where he slipped on a mound of doggy poop.  Making a mental note to kill the dog later he finally made it to the living quarters.  Running/jumping down ten flights of stairs he heard the washing machine still going.  He skid passed the door but quickly recovered.  He was relieved to here the familar sound of the washing machine.


Heero raised the lid when...


The washer stopped.

Heero:   DAMN!

The next evening Heero landed on Relena's balcony and entered her room.  Relena was ready for a night of hot, wild sex, as she was dressed up as Sailor Moon.  Heero was walking with his legs gapped open like he'd been riding a horse all day.  Frustrated, Relena put her hands on her hips and said..