Commercial:  Discovery Channel
Author:  Asher Cross


Deathscythe and Heavyarms are flying through space, held up by easily-visible wires.

Inside, Duo and Trowa talk to each other, in bored, deadpan voices.

Duo:  Hey, Trowa, I just found this great site,  It's got everything from weapons stats to curing my dandruff.

Trowa:  You sure need it, Duo, with your hair.

Duo(half-asleep)   Hey.

Trowa:  Yeah, I've been there too.  Did you know that Gundaniums, though made of the strongest metal in existence, burn up in Earth's atmosphere?

Suddenly, a stock-footage clip of the Earth heads toward them.

Duo(screaming...well, sort of)  Aah.  The atmosphere.  Aah.

Their Gundams suddenly catch on fire, and they continue "screaming"...