Commercial:  Pepsi
Author:  Legacy


You see Dr. J walking up to 2 soda machines, one Pepsi and one Coke.  He looks at them and silently muses.

Dr. J:  Hmmmmm, interesting problem. Coca-Cola, or Pepsi Cola?  A paradox.

Skips to a scene of a younger Dr. J with all his limbs and his own eyes writing something on a chalk board and we here him speak.

Dr J:  While molecularly similar, both offer a variaty of choices.

Shows a scene of Wufei, Heero, and Trowa looking pissed while dancing, wearing leaves, in a forest, while the camera pans past them thru a bunch of stars to a door where Duo is standing.  Duo has his trademark grin.

Duo:  DUH!!

Dr J slaps his head and puts the money into the Pepsi machine.

Dr J:  A no brainer!

Dr J walks off and jumps in the air and clacks his heels.