Commercial:  Got Milk?
Author:  Traykor


Noin, Hilde, Relena, Sally, and Dorothy are sitting around the TV having a girl's night.  They are surrounded by an aray of chocolate in various forms--cookies, cake, truffles and other sweets.  Hilde leaves the room to go to the kitchen.  She sets out glasses, then opens the fridge.   She pulls out a gallon jug of milk, only to find it empty.  She reachs in again, only to come back with another empty jug, and one with a small ammount in the bottom.  She slams the door shut and calls to the others. They catch Duo upsairs sporting a milk mustache.  The girls all give him death glares.

Announcer:  Got Milk?

*Tag scene*  Duo in the grocery store sporting a few lumps with a cart of milk.