Commercial:  Zest Soap
Author:  Miyaka


Bright, upbeat music begins to play.  We open on a shot of Duo, wearing nothing but Speedos, soap suds dripping down his arms, over his chest and abdomen, and down his legs.  His braid is coiled around his neck like a necklace.  He's standing on the hand of a soapy Deathscythe.  From there, the shot pans over to Heero, who is wearing only a set of cobalt blue swim-trunks that match his eyes.  He, too, has soap suds sliding all over him and is standing on his soapy Gundam, but this time on Wing's shoulder.  From there, the scene pans to Quatre, who is also wearing swim-trunks.  They are a bright, sapphire blue.  He has a sweet smile on his lips, but the smile is almost a "come-hither" look, rather than completely innocent.  He's standing on the ground before Sandrock, and has a bucket full of soapy water in front of him.  He plunges an arm in, grabs a sponge, and runs it over his own body--very sexily--before beginning to wash Sandrock's foot.  The camera pans out to see Trowa watching Quatre with an intense stare.  He's wearing Speedos that match his emerald eyes.  There is a bucket of soapy water beside him as well, but neither he nor Heavyarms has even been touched.  The camera finally turns, showing Wufei standing on Shenlong's shoulder.  He has discarded his white overtunic and the tank-top beneath, and you can see both in a puddle to one side.  He has his hands at the waistband of his black pants, clearly getting ready to remove them.  On Shenlong's upraised palm is a bucket full of soapy water and a bar of soap.  The camera zooms into the soap as the music continues.

Announcer:  Are YOU Zestfully clean?