Commercial:  Coppertone Sun Lotion
Author:  Peygan


Camera pans,  beautiful summer day on the beach the darkly tanned male slowly spreads lotion across a sculptured chest and arms his blonde female companion starts fanning herself.  His hand reaches for the lotion again spreading it slowly across his abs then lower and lower.

The camera cuts to her and we see she's now fanning faster than before her tongue peeks out moistening her lips as if thirsty.

We see his hand coating the inner and outer era of his thighs her mouth drops open and a blush starts from her chest and sweeps up to her face.  Heero stands and stretches as if sensing her appreciation he turns and smirks befor heading toward the water.  Relena picks up the bottle of lotion and stares at it then the panting dog and nods.

Relena:   I agree.   Fetch.

The camera shows the dog racing off then slow mows and freeze frames it as it snatches off Heero's speedo.

Announcer:  Coppertone.   Summer Fun in the Sun!

The camera scans a gorgeously tanned body to die for as the dog returns dropping the miniscule swim wear in her lap.

Announcer:  Need we say more?