Commercial:  Disney Land
Author:  Peygan


Insert Disney music "When you wish apon a Star"

We see Heero jump from the window and fall down a cliff then set his leg.

We see Heero self detonate and survive.

We see Heero fight Zechs and win.

We see Heero destroy the large piece of falling Libra.

Landing whats left of Wing on a runway we see everyone run out and climb all over him slapping his back.  Finally the little Dove of Peace comes slowly hesitantly then running she flings herself in his arms.

Heero pulling her close suddenly bends her over his arm dipping her her then kisses her passionately as he pulls back we see the dazed glazed hungry look of Ms Peacecraft as one bold reporter dares to approach.

Reporter:  Heero!  Heero Yuy, you've defeated Oz and Romafeller, mastered the Zero system something no one else can handled without going Coocoo.  Stopped White Fang, saved Earth from total annihilation and won the hand of fair Princess.  Heero what are your plans next?

Heero:  I'm going to Disney Land.