Commercial:  Master Card
Author:  Sara


*Enter scene*  Duo is looking at his reflection in a mirror, adjusting his collar as he gets dressed.

Announcer:  Black johdpurs and button-down shirt: $60

Scene fades, opening to Duo signing some documents on a clipboard, and handing them back to Howard.

Announcer:  Gundanium, supplies, parts, service and labor: $12,000,000

Scene cuts to Duo getting the snot kicked out of him by Master O.

Announcer:  Reconstructive facial surgery: $7,000

Scene cuts to Duo in battle, wreaking general havoc and enjoying every minute of it.

Announcer:  Being able to call yourself "Shinigami": priceless.  There are some things money can't buy.   For everything else, there's MasterCard.