Commercial:  Optimun Online
Author:  Anna


Quatre: Where's Duo?

Heero(growls)   He's still down loading.


Duo: (sitting in front of his lap top waiting for a message from Professor G)  Man... I wish this stupid thing would hurry up!!! The guys are waiting!!!

Announcer:  Optimum On-Line: The quickest way to the internet WithOUT the waiting.


Trowa: (just shows up to join the gang, sees Wufei, Quatre and Heero) Where's Duo?

Heero: (growls deeper) He's Still Down loading.


Duo: (reading a DJ from Sailor Moon) Haaa haa ha.... Oh that Sailor Moon.. she can NOT wear shoes like THAT!!!   (flips pages and checks compy, still down loading)  Man... Heero's gonna have my ass for this!!!

Announcer: Duo needs optimum on line.


Quatre: Doesn't Duo know about Optimum On-line? It's the quickest way to the internet!! And he doesn't have to wait for it to down load!!! So where is he now?

Heero: He's _still_ DOWN LOADING!

Wufei: Man!! Let's just Leave his sorry ass and go!!!


Duo: (shows up at waiting location to find everyone gone)

Announcer: Duo needs friends who wait.