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Title: Morning People Are Evil
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: Disgustingly perky Duo. And before 6:00 am, no less.
Author: Whimsy

Notes:  After fic


The silence in the dark room was shattered as the radio blared to life, playing some unidentified but intrinsically irritating pop song. Moments later, Duo leapt from his bed, bright eyed and, yes, even bushy tailed. He called out a cheerful greeting to his taciturn partner.

"Morning, Hee-chan!"

Heero pointedly ignored him, merely rolling over to face the wall. Undaunted, Duo continued his morning routine, singing along with the radio as he gathered his clothes and headed for the adjoining bathroom. Thankfully, he slapped off the radio on his way past.

Once the door was safely shut behind his animated partner, Heero peeled open one bleary eye to peer at the clock. It was exactly 5:15 am. And too damn early, in his opinion. In the next room, the shower started up. As if on cue, Duo started singing again. In a rare show of frustration, Heero launched his pillow with deadly accuracy at the bathroom door, then curled into a ball and yanked the covers over his head. For the hundredth time this mission he regretted his decision to try rooming with Duo. For the thousandth time that week he contemplated murdering the noisy American. Couldn't the baka do _anything_ quietly?

Over the hiss of the shower Heero could just make out what Duo was singing. His tenor voice sounded oddly incongruous as he belted out another line: "And now I know what they mean, you're a love machine! Oh, you make me dizzy!" Heero shook his head and aimed a glare at things in general before sighing and dragging himself out of bed. He obviously wasn't going to get any more sleep today. Or for the rest of the mission, if things continued this way. He was certain they would indeed continue this way.

He sighed again as he prepared to face his day. Why couldn't someone have warned him Duo Maxwell was a morning person?


Notes: I get fic ideas in the most inconvenient places. Most often the shower. This is inspired by something Lilias said a while back and by an incredibly cheesy dance mix cover of ABBA's "Honey Honey" by a group calling themselves ABBACADABRA. And also by the shower. And yes, I really think morning people are evil. Of course, they're usually perfectly lovely people by about noon. I just don't do mornings, and am of the opinion that no one else should, either. ^_^;;;