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Konnichi wa minna-san!

Welcome to my little obsession known as Gundam Wing.  I am Sarah-sensei, your webmistress on this crazy journey.   Feel free to look around and stay as long as you like.  You'll find Fan Fics from myself and other talented writers.  An image gallery of my favorite pics.   A multi media section of music and movies.  A lovely miscellaneous section filled with all other types of goodies. And don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave!  Again welcome and enjoy your stay!  And don't be afraid of wondering muses.  They will leave you alone if you don't bother them!  Just a little warning!



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This site was last updated on 15-FEB-2003

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This The Best of Gundam Wing Fanfics site is owned by Sarah-sensei.

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I've corrupted the minds of  Hentais!!  ^_^



THE DISCLAIMER:   Sorry to say, but I don't own Gundam Wing.  Although I can wish, can't I?   They are property of the nice people of Sotsu, TV Asahi, Sunrise & Bandai.   This is a fan base site and is for entertainment purposes only.  Please do not sue me,  for I own nothing except three muses (and believe me, you don't want them).

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